What are the Advantages and Limitations of Switchgear?

Switchgear is a basic term provided to a unit with a combination of secured control and the metering kinds of the equipment. Switchgear can be quite different, depending on the various applications like providing protection to the feeders, securing motors, rail traction methods, and kinds of measurements.

Switchgears can be an indoor or any outdoor type depending on the voltage levels as well as economic viability. However, the indoor Switchgear is mostly used for moderate voltages, also called MV switchgear.

The voltage levels, which range from 3 -36 kV, can be mentioned as medium voltages. On the contrary, the indoor Switchgear is used for high voltages much higher than the 36 kV in recent times. Let’s discuss further the Switchgear in this article in further detail:

The design of the Switchgear

The outdoor Switchgear is generally the gas-insulated system or the GIS in comparison with the air-insulated system. GIS mainly functions where the price of the land is greater, and the air is corrosive and dust-laden. The arrangement of the Switchgear is mainly enclosed in a grounded metal enclosure.

Design of Switchgear

All the sides with openings for ventilation and inspection. The switchgear units are insulated in the gas environment. The electrical switchgear manufacturers make sure to fix them appropriately without any hassle.

SF6 gas is mainly preferred because of its superior dielectric properties. The dielectric nature of the SF6 is mainly three times as compared to that of the air. 

The enclosure of the metal mainly gives safety as compared to the outdoor system. Let’s discuss the two kinds of indoor Switchgear in terms of the metal enclosure:

  • Indoor Switchgear Metal Enclosed
  • Switchgear Metal Clad Indoor

Indoor Switchgear Metal Enclosed:

The switchgear techniques are enclosed on all the sides with the metal sheets that consist of the primary interruption devices and the fuses with all the pieces of the equipment encased in the central assembly. The doors and the removable coverings provide access to the interior of the enclosure. Check out the best switchgear manufacturers for the best productive results! 

Switchgear Metal Clad Indoor: 

The circuit breakers are made of vacuum and are removable or drawn-out. Metering instruments are separated by the grounded materials individually. The voltage levels for the metal-clad Switchgear vary from 4.76 kV to 38 kV, with the main bus continuous price ratings of 1.2kA 2kA 3kA, and 4kA.

In generalization, each metal-clad Switchgear is made of metal and is enclosed. All the metal-enclosed are not the metal-clad Switchgear. It is of much simpler construction. The metal-clad Switchgear is more advantageous than the metal-enclosed as the previous one is greatly customizable.

The indoor switchgear system has various advantages:

  • It is more reliable and secure.
  • It occupies less space as compared to the outdoor system.
  • It has much easier maintenance and durability. 
  • It has lower operating costs. 
  • There is decreased risk of electrocuting because of the grounded metal enclosures.
  • Much secure
  • It is less prone to the environmental state.

What are the limitations of Indoor Switchgear?

The main disadvantage of the indoor Switchgear as compared to the outdoor one has much higher installation costs. Also, because of the high voltages and the economic reasons, the outdoor or air-insulated system becomes much more successful economically.

Bottom Line

The indoor switchgear system is discussed and compared with other outdoor Switchgear. The indoor switchgear techniques are highly reliable, safe, and cost-effective. Moreover, they are immensely customizable and durable in comparison with their outdoor counterparts. Also, they have the additional property of withstanding the atmospheric conditions. Therefore, the economic viability and the high voltage levels can restrict the usage of indoor switchgear systems. Are you looking for the fixation of the Switchgear? Check out the best Switchgear manufacturing company at the most cost-effective prices.

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