Best Restaurants to Visit in Cancun

Mexico is famous not just for its popular movie adaptations but also for its piquant cultural cuisine that has inspired many dishes worldwide.

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Cancun is a primary location of several Mexican cuisines, with countless restaurants serving different dishes. This article provides you with a list of Cancun’s best restaurants to visit.

Mexican Traditional Cuisines

Mexican traditional cuisines were inspired by local culture and naturally available ingredients. Several dishes are prepared using naturally sourced meat, fish, plants, and home-grown spices.

Unlike other cuisines in the world, traditional Mexican cuisines are easily located on the streets. You don’t have to visit Mexican restaurants to experience some of the best locally made meals. Regular food stalls would do, and you can find them simply walking along Mexico’s enchanting streets.

Mexican traditional cuisines are not only important for their tourist value but also their cultural and historical preservation functions. Some of these traditional meals go back hundreds of years, immortalizing several aspects of native Mexican culture.

What Are Other Cuisines to Expect?

Cancun is a delight for foodies and anyone who enjoys a delicious meal. Countless restaurants serve all dishes in the famed Hotel Zone and downtown Cancun. In addition to many seafood restaurants and traditional food stalls, restaurants specializing in Thai, Indian, Italian, French, Yucatecan, and Belgian cuisine.

No vacation is complete without good food. So when you’re in Cancun, be sure to try out all the local specialties and not forget the delight of other cuisines for variety.

What Are the Best Restaurants in Cancun to Visit When In Town?

You can find good Mexican food stores with a little exploration but getting the best restaurants in Cancun gives more experience. With that said, here are some of the best restaurants Cancun has to offer.

1. La Habichuela

La Habichuela is a Cancun dining institution located in its downtown region. Other popular restaurants around are El Oasis Mariscos and Peter’s Restaurante. La Habichuela goes back over 40 years and continues to serve some of the best Mexican dishes in the world.

The restaurant’s settings include a captivating ambiance with different plants, sculptures, and trees. This famous cuisine is a mixture of everything good from food to fruits, and even music. Foods here are well cooked and served in a coconut shell. The restaurant also has superb services and outdoor space to see twinkling lights.

2. Ilios Greek Estiatorio

This breathtakingly beautiful restaurant is located in Nichupte Lagoon, part of the Hotel Zone. With a contemporary concept, its Mediterranean dishes are accompanied by astonishing décor, DJ music, dancers, and even plate breaking!

The ambience of this restaurant is one that you will find fascinating, right from when you step in. They also provide various fresh fishes and seafood with imaginative cocktails that you will love. You better stay for dessert, because you don’t want to miss the baklava, it’s spectacular!

3. Puerto Madero

This is the most popular and probably one of Cancun’s finest restaurants. The decor expresses an industrial yet stylish style. With Argentinean cuisine as their specialty, they serve much fresh seafood and prime steaks grilled to your preferences.

They also offer excellent pasta, salads, and appetizers. Puerto Madero is the perfect restaurant for a big event like a special anniversary or birthday.

4. El Oasis Mariscos

El Oasis Mariscos is a seafood downtown restaurant with the freshest seafood. Located right across the street from Costco, it provides excellent service, an open-air ambiance, and cool artwork. They serve various delicious seafood dishes at very reasonable prices. The menu is a big one consisting of refreshing and creative cocktails. El Oasis Mariscos is also kid-friendly and offers a great kid’s menu.

5. Tora

Tora is an innovative Japanese restaurant with great visual appeal and creative expression. It combines gourmet ingredients using ancient and modern techniques to prepare Japanese cuisine. Their menu includes signature cocktails, Japanese whisky, sake, and a special vegan section.

Tora is one of the few Mexican restaurants in Cancun that offers spectacular views of sunsets over Nichupte Lagoon while inside, bamboo, plants, and twinkling lights. This scenery creates a dreamy, glamourous atmosphere. Their superb services and cute surprises complete the experience. Special tasting menus are available for birthdays, anniversaries, or even a wedding reception.

If you’ve never tried any Mexican dishes, these restaurants are perfect places to start. They add to Cancun’s already vibrant lifestyle and provide several cultural experiences that you would appreciate. Whenever you get the chance to visit Mexico, you should try one of these locations, and you’d be glad you did.

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