We Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook The Set of Folders Cannot Be Opened

Microsoft Outlook is the most efficient way to store your official mails and contacts. Maximum numbers of users believe in the efficiency of Microsoft outlook. If you are currently facing problems and can not start Microsoft outlook. You can fix the error “Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook” without taking any help from others. You can sort out the issues by simply identifying the problems and apply the simple error-solving tricks.

Using an outlook is making your life simple and less complicated. If you are facing trouble due to the Microsoft Office outlook, read through the article to find out the possible solution for your problems.

Quick Recovery – For Microsoft Outlook Mails

4 Common Reasons Behind Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook

Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook

Every time when your outlook is facing some trouble, and you can not start your outlook, there can be plenty of possibilities that may be the cause of showing the error.

Here are a few common reasons for showing the outlook starting error before solving the problem identification problem and cutting out your problem in half.

  • Your Outlook Profile has been damaged.
  • Your Outlook profile is being deleted from your system.
  • You are trying to open an outdated version of the outlook.
  • You are adding some defective items

 3 Easy Solutions To Fix The Problem Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook

You can simply sort out the problem by using some easy tricks. Here are three easy tricks to sort out these types of problems. Check out the three easy tips and classify the problem to fix it.


Corrupted PST.exe files cause serious damage to your Microsoft outlook profile when you are dealing with the corrupted PST files. If you currently have any corrupted files in your Outlook profile, always try to avoid them. So before keeping the files in the outlook system, always scan first, and if the file is corrupted, avoid using the file. 

Here is an easy two-step process to scan the files.

  • First, close the outlook and run the scanpst.exe.If you are not aware of the file’s location, first open the outlook profile and click on the file. And start the scanning from the outlook.
  • Then open the setting options and start the repair process.

When ScanPST.exe doesn’t work.

Discard The Defective Items And Run In The Safe Mode

Safe mode is another possible solution for the error. If from the first solution your problems are not going to be sorted out. Apply this step. If you can’t sort out the problem with it, the safe mode is another good option for you.

Follow these steps to run in safe mode.

  • First, close the outlook. Then after completing this task, the dialog box of the Win + R. And prepares to run.
  • Then type the outlook /safe in the command box. After you type this command to complete the task, press the ok button to confirm your command.
  • You have to disable add-ins to remove all the errors.
  • Open the file options, then open the add-ins from the file option.
  • To disable, click on all checkboxes and press the ok button.
  • And after exit, click once to restart your Outlook.

Create A New Outlook Profile

These two processes are the most straightforward solutions for the problem. Hence these two actions can not sort out the error problem issues. Creating a new outlook profile is the next comfortable solution to fix the error. You may be thinking after verifying the process how the outlook profile can be corrupted. But it is possible if these two steps can not sort out your issues. Then, you can open a new outlook profile.

Follow these steps and create a new profile for your use.

  • Open your PC control panel and go to the mail option.
  • Choose the show profile and add.
  • You have to give the details of your profiles, like your id, password and after completing the input click on the finish button.
  • Use the select prompts for creating a profile and using the options and click on the ok option.
  • You have two options. One is that you can restart the outlook in safe mode. Other than this, you can simply click on the new profile option.
  • After the new outlook profile is created smoothly and starts to run, you can apply the simple repair of your outlook profile data and copy the data into your new profile.

Sum It Up:

These three easy solutions are going to help you to sort out Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook on your own. However, after you are going to apply these simple processes, do not forget to restart your system. If you are currently facing these problems, these three easy solutions will sort out your problems. And you can cover your temporary outlook with non-starting issues.

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