Five Reasons To Go Pro with iTop VPN

If you are looking for the best VPN for Windows PC, look no further than iTop. It is a brand that includes several other utilities, such as a screen recorder and screenshot tool.

iTop is a free VPN service one of its main selling points. When using this VPN for the first time, the free version will introduce you to its resources, though at a smaller scale.

If satisfied with what iTop has to offer, you can upgrade to premium plans and enjoy its resources. At the moment, there are two premium plans, lasting six months and a year. You pick a preferable one and secure your computer.

Below are reasons why it is a good move to go pro with this VPN provider.

1. Affordable Plans

The plans are pretty affordable and give you an excellent value considering the perks you enjoy. The 6-month plan goes for $7.16 each month and is billed at $42.99, which is a 70% discount. The 1-year plan costs $3.99 per month, billed at $47.99 for the year, an 80% discount.

These are some of the most reasonable prices for a premium that you will find in the market.

2. Faster Browsing

You get an uninterrupted browsing session when you go for the free plan. Imagine browsing without buffers with speeds up to ten times the normal rate? That is what you get when you subscribe to any of the available plans. iTop VPN is a suitable VPN for PC if you have a task requiring large-scale internet use.

3. Access To Streaming And Gaming Platforms

 If you are an avid gamer or love to stream from various sites, this utility has your back. The premium plans allow access to several platforms for your entertainment needs. Sites you can reach include Netflix, Disney+, PUBG, and many more.

4. Beat Geo-Restrictions

Geo-restrictions can be very frustrating as it means you cannot see content depending on your location. iTop comes into the equation to help you out. The free version has access to 16 servers, which is a decent number.

When you go premium, you have access to over 1800 servers located in different parts of the world. You can reach any site you want as long as you set the country correctly.

5. Block Ads, Trackers, And Malware

Ads can interfere with your browsing session, at times blocking content with unnecessary material. iTop VPN has an ad-blocking feature that will keep the popups off your screen. Additionally, it blocks trackers and malware programs like viruses. It translates to enhanced security with zero risks to your PC.


iTop is the best free VPN for Windows that you can get when you look at the features it has for you. You can access more features by subscribing to any of the two premium packages. As you can see from this piece, there is a lot to enjoy from the plans, such as access to several platforms and faster browsing speed.

When you decide to go the iTop VPN way, it is advisable to go pro to have a fulfilling browsing period.

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