How to Earn Income on TikTok?

Are you active on social media and are looking for ways to earn from it? One of the platforms that can help you achieve this is TikTok. Since this video-sharing platform was introduced, people have been spending countless hours on it.

Being a content creator on TikTok gives you the chance to make some extra cash. You can start creating exciting content and become an influencer over time. This platform has millions of active users from different parts of the globe. If you are ready to make it a full-time job, try using the methods below to monetize it.

Earn through the Creator Fund

Consider applying for the Creator Fund since this can help you make money from the social media platform. This rewards content creators that come up with engaging videos on the platform. If you create exciting videos that gain popularity fast, the Creator Fund can pay you. 

If you consider joining the platform’s Creator Fund, you should understand its conditions. For instance, you have to be in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, or the US. Your TikTok account must abide by the Community Guidelines, and you must be over 18 years old. You should also have over 100,000 video views.

Partner with brands 

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Do you believe in certain brands? If yes, you should consider promoting their content through your TikTok account. Creating sponsored content can help you generate revenue from this social media platform. Many brands like working with social media influencers that can help promote their products online. 

If you come up with great TikTok videos promoting the services or products of different companies, you may get paid for it. Ensure you only work with brands you love and sponsor content that is not very different from your regular content. You should start working on your following. When you have more than 50,000 tiktok followers, you can quickly grab the attention of different brands.

Sell merchandise through the platform

If you already have your products, you can sell them online and market them through this social media platform. Come up with TikTok videos that show off the products you want to sell. 

Share all the relevant information regarding the merchandise and provide a link to show potential clients where they can get it. Many content creators use this social media platform to sell products such as clothes, shoes, bags, or even artistic works.

Work with an influencer

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Do you already have an established company but want to grow its online presence? If yes, you can achieve this through TikTok. Look for influencers on this social media platform and partner with some. Ensure that their content is in line with your brand. Partnering with an influencer can help you earn some extra cash through this social media platform.

Use their ads platform

TikTok is not very different from other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook since it features an ads platform. TikTok ads give brands a chance to gain more customers online. 

TikTok for Business gives you a chance to earn money using branded hashtags and in-feed video ads.

Grow and sell different TikTok accounts

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You can also help different businesses have a presence on this social media platform and get paid for it. Organically growing followers for such businesses can lead to revenue generation. Some people also earn from flipping TikTok accounts. 


If you are familiar with using other platforms such as Twitch, you will not find it hard trying to earn through TikTok. Consider collecting donations from your viewers on TikTok. Your Tiktok users can purchase coins on their profiles and send them to you when you go live. When you receive the coins, you can turn them into diamonds and then convert them into cash through Paypal. 


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After getting a lot of experience with this social media platform, you can start offering consulting services to other content creators and earn money for it. The platform gives experienced users a chance to leverage their expertise and help others gain more views. 


TikTok is a great marketing tool that many people capitalize on. If you are ready to earn some extra cash through this social media platform, consider the methods we have discussed above.

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