Top 5 Las Vegas Adult Shows You Didn’t Even Dream Of

If you come across the term Sin City, you will probably think of the shiny and hot Las Vegas city, a hub of adult entertainment. If you thought that Las Vegas is only about casinos, you are wrong. This place is blended with entertainment spikes that, with no doubt, cause a sensual effect to anyone involved.

What’s better than delving in the Vegas show live to watch and experience the performances you won’t see anywhere else? You’ll undoubtedly leave the theatre wanting more.

If you think that you have seen it all, here is a list of top five adult shows in Vegas you must visit. These performances will deliver you top-level experiences and exceed your expectations.

Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil

Zumanity, an erotic thrill ride by Cirque du Soleil, can make your heart skip a beat in excitement. This show is performed in The New York Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip only, so grab your chance to get an unforgettable experience while visiting the city.

This Las Vegas adult show takes about ninety minutes and twists the audience’s mind from reality with the highly energetic acrobatics to the seductive fun that fills the air throughout. Moreover, this performance is provocative, playful, naughty, and electrifying, making it even more entertaining.

The erotic songs and dance moves encompassed with acrobatics are provocative and fun, and it is the only cabaret-style show that showcases the sensual part of the Cirque du Soleil. Zumanity is a residential show for adults only because it is sexual-themed.

The production combines the playful innuendo and stylish romance original, and the show is updated every single session. Thus, Zumanity is different from anything else the Cirque du Soleil has presented. It is an element that makes the show entertaining and pertinent since it explores the human sexuality concept.

Zumanity is encompassed with sexual themes showcased with traditional circus movements, for instance, contortions, aerial stunts, acrobatics, and hand balancing, among others. This Vegas adult show expresses the tale of natural beauty, emotional freedom, and acceptance.

It is performed with the use of the multicultural dance genres, such as tango and flamenco, combined with the modern dance, African dance, and striptease to bring its sensual effect to the audience. Thus, if you are lucky enough to attend the show, the probability of being seduced by the cast is pretty high.

Absinthe at the Caesar’s Palace

If you want to embody Absinthe, then you have nowhere else to go other than Las Vegas. It is a burlesque show with comedy lines, awe-aspiring acrobatics, and original production.

The show cast performs in a circus tent and includes gymnasts, acrobats, comedians, cabaret dancers, among others. Therefore, if you decide to attend the show, you are assured of leaving the place thrilled and eager for more.

Absinthe can be considered a combination of Paris sensual cabarets and the Cirque du Soleil. The show entails anything ranging from the death-defying acrobatics to rib-tickling humor.

What’s more, it encompasses cabaret singing and dancing. The variety is what makes the show perfect for Las Vegas first-timers who are not sure what they want to see while being in the city.

Absinthe is performed on a circular platform, while the entire production is aimed at the intimate experience. It is an adult-themed show with a proportional balance between playfulness and eroticism. Hence, it is worth not missing whenever you are in Las Vegas.

It is one of the best Vegas shows that will, with no doubt, leave you excited. Absinthe may even leave you wondering why it took you a long time to experience this contemporary performance. 

Le Reve at Wynn

Once you are in Vegas, entertainment is not an option. Your job is to experience as many exciting forms of entertainment as possible, and Le Reve is one of the most notable classic adults shows you’ll come across.

Wynn’s aquatic theatre is where the show takes place. This Las Vegas adult show entails different performances that combine swimming, dancing, high-dive breathtaking plunges, among others.

Le Reve promises a mesmerizing experience. It is considered the Las Vegas’s best adult show of all time for a reason.

The story is about a heroine referred to as “the dreamer” who is torn with her beauty. Two men fell in love with her, and now, she has to choose between true love and dark passion.

This amazing adult show entails stunning choreography, mind-blowing acrobatics, 80-feet high dives, accompanied by electrifying music. You won’t probably find such a spectacular performance anywhere else within Vegas. Le Reve can boast of ninety certified scuba divers as performers alongside with 250 cast members.

Chippendales at the Rio Suite Hotel and Casino

If you haven’t seen a top-level gentleman dancing, then Rio Suite Hotel has something to offer to you. Here, you get the opportunity of watching twelve muscled dancers who excite the audience with their erotic yet eye-opening routines. No wonder that Chippendales is the most amazing option for the girls’ night out.

You can choose the desired showtime, either early or late at night. Once curtained with the time, you also have another option of deciding whether to watch from the balcony or the main floor. You can upgrade to VIP and get table seating entries as well.

Stripper 101 at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino

Do you want to have more fun and try strip teasing and pole dancing? The Planet Hollywood Resort is one of the places in Las Vegas where you can do it. The hotel is located right on the strip with a casino attached, so you basically get everything needed in one place.

Alex Kapisnky at  noted, “Rather than a planet, I could name this unit a universe. I’m thrilled how they’ve placed everything you may want all in one complex.” And that’s no joke, as in the Stripper 101, you can become a superstar of your own sensual performance.

The real Las Vegas dancers and strippers will teach you how to do their thing, and you can try the pole dance and lap dance moves within a 75-minutes class.

What is more, at the end of the class, you will get a personalized stripper graduation certificate. Stripper 101 course is available for adult women only, and that’s the experience that you will cry if you miss.

Closing Remarks

As you would expect from any casino hotel in Las Vegas nowadays, there are lots of shows and opportunities you should use to get the most of your trip. Thus, if you are planning to have a fun-filled time and maximum adult entertainment while being in Las Vegas, don’t limit yourself and go for some of these shows.

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