What Does Ok Google Lumos Mean?

Welcome to Hogwarts, dear muggles. Do you want to learn the magic spells every witch and wizard does?

Magic is one of the most loved fantasies around the world. People love magic. Magic that can make their lives easier and happier. Magic that brings a smile to every little child’s face. We love most magics. They are exciting.

Did you guys read or watch The Harry Potter series?

Of course! I don’t think any of you are left to watch that series. I know you loved that suspense, magical, and creative wizard world. The extraordinary graphics, fights, spells, and characters were and are still our favorite. The characters like Harry, Hermione, and Ron still play in our eyes. The best trio, they were. The most entertaining part of this whole series was the spells. 

Yes, the spells. Do you remember Accio, Protego, Wingardium Leviosa, Stupefy, Petrificus Totalus, Sectumsempra, Crucio, Expelliarmus, Expecto Patronum, Reducto ??? All these words were the spells used in the Harry Potter series. They were popular. As a child, most of you must have fantasized about the series or books.

There is no doubt that most of us tried the spells. And you know they never worked because we are not wizards and are not in the wizardry world.

But a few years back, Google launched its spells. Especially for all the muggles like us. As you all know, Google is an American Multinational company focusing on a search engine, cloud services, and data storage.

In this article, we will discuss the great spells that google launched with the help of its google assistant. You all know that google assistant is the voice command service by google. Whatever we speak will be recorded and commanded on our phones when google assistant is accessed. The google assistant is a user-friendly application or service by the google voice network. The spells are helpful and more interesting for all people.

One of them is “Hey Google Lumos”………..

What is Ok Google Lumos?

As mentioned before, this is a spell from Hogwarts. The word that you all used to love. The ‘Lumos’ word implies ‘Light or Lamp’ The word is from Latin. The wizards and witches use this word as a spell to turn on the light of their wands. The wand’s tip will turn on once the respective owner pronounces the word. Isn’t it amazing that when you need to say something, the work finishes? So this is where the Harry Potter tricks and spells became interesting for all of us. We used to admire every frame of the series. 

The Google Assistant provides this beautiful feature that can make your mouth open. The same thing happens here with this google. The only change is instead of a wand phone’s flashlight/torchlight will turn on. Isn’t it amazing?

Yes, all of us love these features. So to learn more about this, let’s get further.

How can we access this feature?

It is so simple! All you have to do is install the google assistant application on your phone and login into that. Now you can start clicking the mic sign and speak whatever you want. Command the assistant like open Youtube, Chrome, etc. Once you try these, you will learn how google assistant works.

If you are already familiar with the service? It is easy to understand and access. There is no place for worries for any new users. Google is a user-friendly company, and it is easy to use too.

Open Google Assistant and say ‘Lumos’ or ‘Hey Google Lumos’ . That’s when you will notice the light turning on.

What exactly happens when we speak the word?

When you say ‘Lumos‘ or ‘Hey Google Lumos’ or ‘Ok Google Lumos’ or ‘Lumos Maxima’…

The flashlight on the phone will turn On. To increase the flash density, you can say Lumos Maxima. The flashlight will turn on automatically when you say the word to the assistant.

The phone is safe and unhacked if you get panicked by chance. There is no problem. It is safer and more helpful. It is a feature every phone contains. Use it for needed moments.

How can we turn off the light?

To turn off the light, you should repeat the process, But with a different word. You can say ‘Nox‘ to turn the flashlight off.

The google assistant will do your work.

Is it only available for android users?

No, the service is available for all iPhone users too. If you are the one using iPhone and want to access it then all you have to do is open Siri instead of google assistant. The way to say Lumos and Nox is to turn the flashlight On and Off.

Can Siri do this?

Yes, Siri is an iPhone assistant like Google Assistant. It is the same.

So dear muggles, sorry wizards! You all learned the new spell today. Try it now. Taking your phone can follow the process. You will be amazed. I Hope you all enjoyed the article and learned something new and entertaining. Have a great spell!

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