Fix Photoshop Unknown JPEG Marker OR Invalid JPEG Marker Type Photoshop

There is no denying that Photoshop is one of the most versatile applications used by designers. However, at times, it becomes a bit difficult to work with it. To be precise, you would face various types of errors while operating Photoshop. 

A UI UX design company in USA continually leverages the latest solutions to overcome the issues related to Photoshop. One of the most common errors encountered by designers is “an unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found.” 

If you are not able to edit or enhance the photos, it can be downright frustrating for you. Note that this problem can be caused because of a corrupt file, improper format, or other aspects. Here are some ways in which you can resolve this error. But before that, let’s see what this error code means.  

Overview of the Photoshop Invalid JPEG Marker Error 

Photoshop is one of the most popular photo processing tools available in the market. The primary reason behind its popularity is its powerful image processing and editing features. But errors like the Photoshop unknown JPEG marker can often arise due to issues associated with the format while the file was being saved. 

This error makes it difficult for the designers to open and edit the image in Photoshop. This is a widespread type of error caused due to improper image format, corrupt files, etc. This usually renders the JPEG file useless, and the designer won’t be able to finish the editing task. So here are a few strategies with which UI UX Development Company can fix this issue. 

Change the Extension of the Image File 

Since the error is usually associated with a wrong file format and extension, the troubleshooting comprises correcting the extension and renaming the image file. But it is not as simple as it sounds. 

When you save an image file, the extension is usually added automatically. However, if you add the extension manually, then the file may have two extensions. Moreover, there are chances of you entering the wrong file extension to save the file. 

In Photoshop, if you want to access a photo, the file extension should match the actual file type. That’s why if this error pops up, you should always check the extension of the file. Remove the last extension you added in case you see two extensions operational. Make sure that the image file has proper extension in the form of. JPEG or. JPG.  

Steps to view the File Extension of the Image 

When you save an image file, the extension will be added automatically. By default, the file extensions are hidden in your computer. You can alter the settings to view the file extension. For Windows 10 users, here are the steps to view the file extension. 

  • Go to control panel and file explorer options 
  • In the file explorer window, click on the view tab 
  • Uncheck the box to hide extensions for the known file varieties 
  • Click OK 

For MAC users, the steps should be as follows:

  • Go to the finder, then finder preferences and advanced 
  • Select show all the filename extensions 

Rename the Entire Image File 

Always remember that renaming the image file along with its extension can resolve the errors in Photoshop. You can go back to the original file name later. Here are some steps to rename the photo. 

  • Right-click on the JPEG photo
  • Select the rename option 
  • Change the name and enter the extension in the form of JPG or JPEG

Execute the Hardware Troubleshooting 

One of the most effective ways to fix this error is hardware troubleshooting. You have to check whether the hardware components associated with it are working or not. For instance, check the USB outlets, power cables which can cause invalid JPEG marker type errors. Always run hardware troubleshooting to address these nagging issues. 

Convert the Image to a Different Format 

If correcting the extension didn’t help, you should opt to change the image format. It is advisable to convert the image file to a different format like TIFF or BMP, which can fix this issue. You can always use online image converter tools or use your computer’s built-in options. 

If none of the methods work, your image file may be corrupted. It is advisable to use a professional JPEG repair tool which will save you valuable time. Professional designers usually rely on these tools to save time and leverage customer satisfaction. 

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