5 Reasons Why A Dentist Should Train In Aesthetics Treatments

There is now an increase in qualified dentists wanting to add aesthetics treatments to their service portfolio. Aesthetic treatments are becoming popular amongst qualified dentists looking to take a step into a new, vibrant career. It is also an excellent move for any dentist wanting an additional revenue stream. Here are 5 reasons why dentists should train in aesthetics treatments.

1. Previous Experience & Understanding of Facial Aesthetics

When becoming a dentist you gain comprehensive knowledge of particular parts of the face, this is in order to develop medical knowledge and technique within the mouth. This means that all dentists are already trained and have the basic skills needed for aesthetic treatments, which means if you are a dentist you are the perfect fit for further training in aesthetics treatments. 

2. Growing Demand for Trained Aesthetic Practitioners  

Aesthetics treatments such as botox and dermal filler are at a turning point in the aesthetic industry, becoming more popular by the minute. The aesthetics industry is now being very overcrowded with un-qualified practitioners who are poorly trained, who are putting their own patients at risk. Therefore, there is more demand for more fully qualified practitioners, that have medical backgrounds and that people feel are able to deliver successful results.  

3. Improved Outcomes in the Dentistry Field 

Being trained in aesthetic treatments, can improve dentistry procedures at your own practice and can play a significant role in the quality of these treatments. Dentistry and aesthetics treatments come hand in hand and can help to enhance treatments and results in both fields. If you decide to train in aesthetics treatments you will have the chance to create great results, through the use of aesthetic facial treatments. Overall your dentistry results will improve through the use of balancing, smoothing and plumping the skin.  

4. Additional Income 

Some dentists that are employed through the NHS, are sometimes limited to their earnings. Training in aesthetics treatments gives larger options of treatments to offer, along with being in control of your own earnings. Being trained in aesthetics treatments, means you will have the opportunity to grow your client base and to expand, meaning you could be earning more. 

5. Set up your own Aesthetics Business 

If you decide that you no longer want to carry on within your dental practice, you could set up your own aesthetics business. You’ll have the qualifications and training to do so, along with being able to teach other practitioners how to carry out aesthetics treatments yourself. The more people you have trained within your business the more you will be able to meet demand, as well as being able to go and train in more aesthetic treatments areas if desired. 


If you’re a dentist that is looking to start your aesthetic treatments career and want to expand your practices’ treatments, then Dr Hennessy’s Academy is the perfect place to go for your aesthetic training. Dr Hennessy’s Academy will be able to provide you with hands-on training, as well as giving you all the theory you need to go ahead with aesthetics treatments.

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