What is Google Gravity Trick?

Google is one of the most successful companies and is the most successful search engine around the world. It reached a position that any other company can never make easily. The applications and services that google provides are mind blowing. The technology that every person can connect with across the globe. The technology helps us in every query with just a single search. 

It became simple to know every information through Google. It provides product services like cloud storage, product development, and search engine marketing tools. Applications like Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Drive, Google pay, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Spreadsheets, and many more are Google services. 

It is the easiest way to access data. Google provides every single piece of information from maps to emergency recommendations available on this platform. It is easy to use and user-friendly software.

Google is a need for the present generation. Also, it helps students to study and learn new things. Google Youtube is one of the videos presenting a platform where people can watch whatever they like.

But many people don’t know that Google also provides a few funny web applications that people can access. They can have fun with them. One of those fun applications is Google Gravity.

What is Google Gravity?

Google Gravity is a fun application for any device that can access the google chrome extension. In this web application, users can experience a change in the home page. Users experience a variety of exciting aspects on the page.

What will be there in Google Gravity?

As mentioned before, the application is all about user fun. Once accessed into gravity form, the page turns as earth. As the planet is a natural magnet and has the potential to attract any object to its surface, the bottom part of the page refers to the land where all the items are icons, tools, search bar, and tabs.

Where can we find Google Gravity?

You can find it in every chrome extension that is modern and updated. Even if your laptop or pc is from a long time back, you can download the new versions and use this Google Gravity.

Are there any varieties in Google Gravity?

Yes, Google gravity does have varieties in it. You can find Google Gravity underwater, zero gravity google, google anti-gravity, google guitar, google space, google gravity mirror, and sphere in this software.

What is Google Underwater?

As the name mentions, you can understand that it shows a Google search bar and its pages in an underwater vision. If you turn ‘On’ the audio, the user can hear the water sounds too.

What is Google Guitar?

If you are a person who loves to listen to and enjoy music and playing guitar, I would suggest you try this one.

Here google provides you with the notes to play the guitar. You get to play the evergreen songs of Hollywood. The most common one that is available here is ‘Happy Birthday…

What is Google Sphere?

It is available in the shape of a sphere at the center of the screen. Users can rotate the ball with the help of a mouse.

But usually, people find it difficult to click a few options on the screen that are at the edge of the sphere.

What is Zero Google Gravity?

It is a zero gravity pull. Majorly used Google Gravity method. It is to be easy and understandable.

What is Google Anti Gravity?

To be understandable, Google Anti Gravity is just like anti-gravity hills. Their things don’t fall. Use might have observed how the objects don’t land at anti-gravity hills but float. 

What is Google Space?

Google space is similar to anti-gravity. But you can see something more in this Google space. You can see that the page starts bursting out from the center of the page.

What is the difference between Zero Google Gravity and Anti Google Gravity?

Zero Gravity and Anti Gravity Google are similar. But they do share a difference. The Zero Gravity Google will immediately fall once we click it as it has a high magnitude, while Anti Google Gravity has to float.

What is the Easter Egg Trick in Google Gravity?

Easter Egg is a hidden feature that is available on google. It includes shortcuts, photos, videos, and messages that are kept to be private.

If you want to activate this trick, you can get to know more details in the google chrome browser.

What are the easy and uneasy types of Google Gravity?

Experts say that most people find Zero Gravity easier as it is simple to use and understand. But people find difficulties in clicking some options when they use a sphere.

So these are the basics you must learn before trying to use any google extensions that can help you to activate and process the data. We expect this was easy to understand and informative with simple words. To learn more things about Google Gravity, try it now !!

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