What Is WeTransfer & Steps You Use It?

In today’s world, when everything is digital, sharing files is important. And this is made easier with internet services like TVandinternetdeal. Whether it’s for school, business, or work, file sharing is very common today. So, it’s important you use the best tools available. One such tool is WeTransfer – an application that allows users to share files. The best part is, it’s free of charge! But of course, paying for it will get you greater benefits. For instance, WeShare lets you transfer files of up to 2 GB. But when you pay a fee, this size increases to 20 GB. And the service fee isn’t even high. 

This app currently has around 80 million users in over 187 countries. Also, it has more than 200 employees and around 2 billion files are transferred through it monthly.

WeTransfer Products

WeTransfer also has a variety of products. According to the official website, these are: 

  1. WeTransfer- for idea sharing 
  2. Paste- for idea shaping 
  3. Paper- for idea formation 
  4. Collect- for idea inspiration  
  5. WeCollect- for art showcasing  

Steps to Using WeTransfer

WeTransfer also allows large files to be shared and uploaded simply and easily. Thus, it is regarded as one of the best file-sharing apps in the digital age. Here’s how you can use it in simple steps.  

Step 1: Locate Your File

Before you want to share your file with WeTransfer, open the browser on your device. When you open it, locate the file you want to share. Your file can have a size of up to 2 GB with a free membership. But if you’re using WeTransfer Pro, you can share files worth as much as 200 GB. So, make sure your file is the right size before sharing. Also, this step will remain the same regardless of browser or device type.  

Step 2: Type myrealdata.wetransfer.com  

The next step is fairly simple. Type in myrealdata.wetransfer.com in the address bar. Then hit enter. WeTransfer has simple, easy-to-follow steps that make file-sharing very easy.  

Step 3: Add Files 

After the previous step has been properly followed, get started with Step 3. Select the ‘Add Files’ option. Then, locate the file you want to choose. After this, choose ‘open’. WeTransfer also allows its users to select multiple different files at one time. And it takes very little time! This makes it hassle-free and convenient.  

Step 4: Enter Your Email Address 

WeTransfer wants to ensure security and safety so it will ask you to confirm your email address. It also requires this so the recipient is aware of the sender. So, after Step 3, make sure you enter a valid email address. Then simply click enter.  

Step 5: Choose the Transfer Option 

Now, this is the big one. This takes you closer to the final step. When you click on the transfer button, your file will be uploaded. After this, WeTransfer will transfer an email. This will contain a download link so you can download the file attached.  

Step 6: Download the link  

Yes, this sounds like a no-brainer. But people get confused all the time. Step 6 requires you to download the file. For this, you will need to open your inbox. After you’ve opened it, look for the download link and click it. After this, the situation gets a bit tricky. This is why you’ll want to carefully follow through with each step.  

Step 7: Open your browser  

After downloading the link, WeTransfer requires you to log into your server and open any browser. It can be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or even Internet Explorer. No judgment.  Although, the transfer will be smoother with an updated Google Chrome.  

Step 8: Copy the download link  

When you open your browser, copy the download link. After this, paste it into the address bar. Now hit enter. Once you do this, you will start getting instructions. This will make it easier to understand the next steps. But we’ll still guide you to make sure your experience is smooth.  

Step 9: Download 

After this, you’ll get the option to download the file. Click on it. After this is done, choose the ‘show in folder’ option. Paste it to the desired folder. Whatever makes it easier for you. After this, you’re done. To upload multiple files, you can create a renamed folder on your device. After this, move all files to this document. Then select ‘compressed folder’. This option makes it easier to transfer. It will also create a zip folder.  

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