How to Backup Office 365 Email Without Outlook?

Office 365 is a cloud base software that provides multiple services to offices, schools, and colleges. As it can store Terabytes of data, it cannot assure to make it fully secured. To ensure data security, we should use backup methods to protect data from theft, malware, etc. Let’s focus on the possible reasons that make Office 365 an insecure software in certain areas.

Reasons we need to Backup Office 365 Email Without Outlook

Office 365 needs backup to avoid certain situations that a user might face later. Even having secured inbuilt, the software is incapable of handling such uncertainties that might occur from nowhere. Backing up data can keep your data safe from possible threats. Here are some reasons why you should take a Backup from Office 365:

To Archive Data- No one wants to open the mailbox, again and again, to access data; instead, they would like to save the file in the system or offline. So whenever you feel like, archive your data to your destined location.

Security Purposes- Nothing is safe online. You can save your data somewhere in the system. Your data will not get lost.

Accessibility- The data of Office 365 can only be available to you if you are online, i.e., you need internet connectivity to access data. In case, your network connection is weak; then you must have a copy or backup of your office 365 mailbox.

No Proper Location- The user doesn’t know where all the data is, as each file is stored separately. To keep all files together, backup all the data in one place.

To Relocate Outlook- To make Outlook data secured, the .pst files should be updated to 0365 environments.

Retention policy- No backup will be initiated for the files that have been deleted from the mailbox before 30 days as it keeps the data in the recycle bin only for 30 days as a retention period.

Data keeping is a must- In business, data must not be deleted even if it requires space. Deleted data could be helpful during an inspection, to track business records, and to analyze business policies.

Regulated Strictness- The business dealing companies have stricter rules. They need to follow them to hold a tag of the company. HIPPA and GDPR set the regulations. They need to keep data for years according to policies.

Possible Hacking- The chances of hackers hacking are higher if it is a leading company or a tough competitor. To keep the records safe, you must need a backup. In case if you lose your data, you can grab it onto your spare data.

Now, we are going to look at some manual methods to backup your Office 365 mailbox that could save your data in case of accidental deletion.

Manual Methods to Backup Office 365 Email Without Outlook Mailbox

Previously, we have discussed why we need to have a backup of our data. Here, We are going to provide some user-friendly tips that will help you to download O365 mailbox email items. You might get back up or you might not, but it’s worth try. Useless data can sometimes be the most helpful in certain situations. So, these methods will help you to prepare for data disasters.

To Save the file as PDF:

  1. Open the message that you want to save.
  2. Go to the File menu and click on Save As.
  3. In save as, browse the type of file and choose HTML.
  4. Then Save the file.
  5. Open Microsoft Word, Go to the File menu, and open the file you recently saved as HTML.
  6. Now, browse the type and choose PDF. (How to Add signature in PDF)

Save as a .Doc file:

  1. Open the mail that you want to save as a word document.
  2. Go to the ‘ File’ menu and click ‘Save As’.
  3. Browse the type of file by drop-drown menu, then choose HTML as the file type.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Then open the same HTML file in MS Word.
  6. Go to the ‘File’ menu and click ‘Save As’ and in the bottom drop-down menu, choose the type to .docx format.
  7. Your file is finally saved as a word document. 

Save As in Cloud

  1. Open the file you wish to save in the cloud.
  2. Click on the file and go to save as.
  3. A pop-up box will appear. Set the destination and choose the file type.
  4. Rename the file name and click the save as button.

Export to .pst file

  1. Add your email account to Outlook. For example, adding a Gmail account to Outlook will allow Outlook to access all contacts and emails at once.
  2. Secondly, login to your Office 365 account to Outlook. then the Outlook will automatically gain access to office 365. All emails and contacts will appear in your office 365.
  3. Click export instructions to transfer your emails from the original account to a .pst file.
  4. This is applicable for Outlook 2013-2016 versions.

After exportation to the .pst file, you can finally access the contents of your mailbox and can carry them wherever you want.


We have provided multiple ways to Backup Office 365 Email Without Outlook files. So, users can again have their emails and files of the mailbox that he/she has cherished the most. Also, We have discussed all the optimized solutions that can backup your mailbox data of Office 365. So think twice about backup before deleting your emails or performing tasks such as Microsoft Office 365 Migration or DropBox to Sharepoint migration etc. Because it’s hard to get them back.

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