Prominent Ways to Recover Videos From SD Card in GoPro Hero 7

Want to Recover Videos From SD Card?. This blog will provide you the exact way to perform the task.

Are you an adventure nerd! Then you must be familiar with GoPro Hero. This action camera is a great device to capture your adrenaline rush moments that can’t be created again. You can relive those moments by looking at the videos or pictures that you’ve shot. But, what will you do if the videos are gone or deleted! Is there a possibility to get back those deleted videos!

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Yes, After capturing videos, if they are accidentally deleted from the SD card, then you can get them back. Here in this guide, we’re going to solve your problem with some practical techniques that are used to How to Recover Videos From SD Card quickly?.

Whenever you capture any GoPro video, it gets saved to a premium micro SDHC or SDXC card. When you’re looking for captured videos in your Hero 7 or Hero 8, and you find that they are disappeared, then it could become a little hysterical. But don’t panic, these deleted videos will not get removed permanently. They become invisible by the storage system, and space gets marked as free to overwrite data. There is a possibility to recover deleted GoPro Videos before the Unallocated SSD card space gets overwritten by the new files.

First, we have to understand the reasons behind the deletion of videos.

There are some reasons as given below:

  1. When improper copying or transferring of videos from an SD card to the PC takes place.
  2. Unintentional deletion by the user.
  3. SD card corruption is occurring.
  4. When the SD card is formatted.
  5. SD card is damaged by inserting or removing.
  6. When the card is almost full, and the user continually saves videos over it.
  7. When the SD card is in use and suddenly removed from the device.

These all are the possible reasons behind the deletion of captured videos from the GoPro Hero 7 SD card. Now, let’s begin with the solution to recover the mp4 video from GoPro Hero. 

Method to Know How to Recover Videos From SD Card

If the SD card is not full yet, one can easily recover the videos back. Although, this action depends on the way you deleted the database. If it is directly deleted from the storage using a computer then recovering it from the recycle bin will work for you:

  1. Open Recycle Bin.
  2. Search for the File you deleted.
  3. Click Restore and you will get your file back.
  4. To verify check the location where it was saved.

Also, it is always advised to use GoPro App and save your videos to cloud storage. By doing you can easily recover your deleted videos of SD card from Cloud.

This is the best solution to get back your deleted videos or files. Now, you can revive your adventure or moments again by exploring your recovered GoPro videos.


I’ve explained all the reasons and also a quick way to How to Recover Deleted GoPro videos from SD Card, and tried to answer your query “How to Recover Videos From SD Card of GoPro Hero.”

I hope you found it useful.

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