6 Benefits of Creating a Video Resume for Job Applications

Images by Ketut Subiyanto from pexels Videos are all the rage these days, from video gaming to video conferencing and everything in between. 

An online MP4 editor is the most popular method of creating these high-quality videos. One genre of video that has risen to prominence recently, however, is video resumes, or video recruitment as it’s called. As technology continues to revolutionise the way people interact, so too do the ways in which job candidates market themselves to potential employers evolve.

Indeed, if you haven’t yet invested in creating a video resume, it’s time to get with the times! Video resumes are hot right now and can offer several benefits to job seekers looking to set themselves apart from their peers in today’s competitive job market. How does a video resume work? Where can you go to create one of your own? Find out more in this article about the benefits of creating a video resume for job applications and how video recruitment could change your future!

6 Benefits of Video Resumes

If you’re looking to get an edge in your job search, consider creating a video resume as part of your application process. Creating your own video resume can be more powerful than an ordinary paper resume. It allows you to highlight your personality while highlighting the most important aspects of your work history. Let’s take a closer look at these 6 advantages of a video resume:

1) You Save Time

Time is valuable. In fact, there’s an entire TV series dedicated to it. But who says you can’t get ahead by saving time? Video resumes are a good way to save time. As much as 30% over traditional applications. A lot of people hate filling out job applications (understandably so).

Using a video maker online to put together your video resume will take much less time than filling out print versions and sending in paper copies. Once you’ve made your video, all you have to do is upload it!

2) You Look More Professional

Video resumes help set you apart from your competition. If you want to make an impression on your hiring manager, making a video is one way to do it. By including yourself in your cover letter and resume, employers are able to see how you interact with others and how quickly you can respond.

A video maker online will allow individuals looking for work to market themselves better than ever before. Video resumes can be linked to on social media or shared by email and text. You can save time by avoiding physical copies. This is especially helpful if you live in an area where job opportunities are scarce.

If you can’t physically make it to the office, uploading your resume online gives you access to more employers. When you use a video maker online, it’s easier to capture attention. Companies that haven’t seen your resume before are more likely to take a look at it if it’s in video format. They might even share it with other potential employers. A positive and professional video will help you get through any initial objections an employer may have about hiring an individual with no experience yet.

3) You Can Tell Your Whole Story

Because it’s such an accessible medium, video is an ideal way to tell your whole story. The ability to express yourself visually and verbally gives you complete control over how you want potential employers to see you. You can make your accomplishments shine, highlight your skills and abilities, and talk about why you’re so perfect for that job opening.

Your resume will only show what’s listed on paper. With video, you can speak directly to viewers and bring them into your story. A video maker online will help you create a compelling resume that’s right for you. They can help you figure out what should be included and how to make your story most effective. It’s worth it. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so why not make it count?

4) You Set Yourself Apart from Others

Companies have an increasing number of job applications to sort through, so if you have a video resume, it’s easier to stand out from other applicants. You can upload your video resume directly to an employer’s website (if they allow it), or you can share it on social media or host it on YouTube. It’s just another way to get your name and skills in front of hiring managers.

5) It Shows Energy, Passion, and Dedication

Studies have shown that employers are 3x more likely to call back candidates with a video resume than those without. With your energy and enthusiasm captured on film, it’s easier to convey passion and dedication! This is why it’s crucial to invest a little bit of your time in a video maker online.

These free services make editing and uploading easy so that you don’t even have to download any software. You can even create great videos using nothing but your iPhone and some clever editing techniques!

6) Your Personality Shines Through

One of your best qualities as an applicant is your personality, but too often people opt to paste their resume into an email and send it. While that’s fine in some cases, employers are looking for ways to gauge if you would be the right fit not only based on your skills and experience but also on your communication style. A video resume, therefore, gives them more of a chance to get to know you than simply just reading over bullet points.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits of creating a video resume for job applications. It can be used to highlight your personality and some companies prefer seeing candidates in action. Plus, it’s much easier to get your point across in an engaging manner than it is in just text form.

There are many advantages that hiring managers will see when looking at your work and they will likely be more responsive to you during an interview. The easiest way to get an even greater response (and save you time and money) is to use any video maker online to achieve quality videos that can really win them over!

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