5 Powerful Tools to Develop Foreign Business

Doing business has changed in many ways over the past few decades and for the smart entrepreneur, the global marketplace is available, thanks to emerging technology. Here are just some of the digital tools that you can use to develop your business in a foreign country.

  1. On-Demand Translation – There are global on-demand translation services and with more than 500 language pairs, they can handle any language translation. All you need to do is Google ‘on-demand translation services’ to find their website, then you can register for free and book any online translation that will allow you to talk business with non-English speaking people. This is a 24/7 service that uses qualified translators from all over the world and they can be patched into your Zoom call and provide essential translation.
  2. Google’s search engine – It might seem obvious, but you can find anything you need by using the number one search engine; whether you are looking for accounting services in Indonesia or tax consultants in Malaysia, Google will take you to a local provider. This empowers you to find essential local businesses and set up services, regardless of where you might be located.
  3. Voice over Internet Protocol – Known as VoIP, Internet-based telephony offers cutting edge real-time video communication and at a fraction of the cost of telephone networks. It is easy to set up and will transform your business communication with real-time video and powerful tools to assist with online collaboration. We all know how expensive it is to call foreign countries, but with VoIP solutions, there are no by-the-minute charges and you can chat for as long as you like; arranging video conferences is easy with a VoIP platform – talk to a managed IT services company who know all about VoIP communication and can set you up.
  4. Digital marketing – If you wish to get your message out in a foreign country, you need the services of an international digital marketing agency, one with extensive experience in the target country. If you need translation, use the online on-demand service with localised translation that is culturally appropriate. If you are planning to launch in Indonesia at the end of 2023, for example, now would be the right time to start planning your marketing campaign, which should coincide with your launch. Click here for more information on SEO, which is one field of digital marketing.
  5. Specific business software – You may not know that specific business software can dramatically streamline your business processes; there are packages specifically designed for your business sector; you can find software developers online and discover how business software can make your company more efficient.

If you are interested in moving into a Southeast Asian market such as Indonesia, you will need the help of a local law firm who can process your business registration and assist in many other ways. By making good use of available technology, you can develop your business internationally and make your mark in foreign marketplaces.

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