Best App for SharePoint and How to Add One

Without a doubt, many companies around the world have become more organized and have greatly improved their workflow, all thanks to SharePoint Online solutions. If your business has not started using it, well, now is the time. 

Even with all the functionality SharePoint comes with, sometimes it is hard to meet all of a business’s needs. This is where an app for SharePoint comes in. It encourages information sharing and transparency as well as collaboration through mobile phones. It contains lists, libraries, and more than a business requires to improve its workflow. 

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The Top App for SharePoint 

Are you wondering what app for SharePoint you are going to use for your business to function better? Below are the best apps for SharePoint that you should try.

  • Office 365 Forms designer app – Sometimes, businesses need to customize list views in SharePoint. But what do you do if the default setting is not enough? That’s easy; you add an Office 365 Forms designer app. It will take you a few minutes to achieve all the results you require. Also, with this app, you can easily customize any interface for SharePoint list items.
  • Office 365 Alerts app – This app for SharePoint allows the user to create custom notifications in case an item changes or if there are any upcoming event dates. On top of that, it increases the functionality of SharePoint Online email templates. It also contains one intuitive interface, where the user can manage the previously created alerts.
  • Office 365 Checkout Manager app – There might be hurdles when sharing checked-out documents using SharePoint, which might bring about serious issues if not resolved. Well, Office 365 Checkout Manager can be very beneficial when it comes to this. It comes with auto check-in features and the special ability required to add more reminders. This increases productivity and prevents documents from getting lost.
  • Office 365 Workflow app – This is one of the most essential SharePoint apps that every business requires. It provides more than 270 workflow actions, for instance, sending emails, managing permissions, and the like. With this, the company can save more time. They are also able to avoid errors and thus offer the best results.

How to Add an App for Office 365?

The process of adding an app for SharePoint is quite simple. First of all, you are supposed to log in as an administrator to SharePoint. After this, you simply go to the main SharePoint site, where the app for SharePoint is supposed to be installed. You click the settings bar and “add app.” Next, you click on SharePoint stores and go ahead to find the app names and choose one that fits all your needs. After choosing one, you can click on “trust it” and wait for it to be installed. This is how easy adding an app for SharePoint is.

Final Thoughts on the Best App for SharePoint

Are you still wondering what app for SharePoint you require for your business? Well, maybe you need one of the above. We are sure that you are ready to go because you also have the whole process of adding one. Good luck.

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