Want to Build a Career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? Here’s How

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are introducing the hottest jobs in the market and aspiring professionals are studying hard to pursue a career in these competitive industries. The demand for AI and ML professionals is at an all-time high and completing a course in AI or ML can open up multiple pathways to high-paying jobs and success.

According to market research, there are more than 97,000 job openings in India and big companies require highly specialized talent to develop cutting-edge solutions for them.

Skills Needed for Learning AI & ML

The initial step to establishing a career in AI or ML is to get your foundations down and clear the prerequisites. Every course, be it online or offline, has a list of criteria applicants have to meet. Some of the key skills required for enrolling in the Great Learning AI ML courses are:

Statistics & Algebra

An in-depth knowledge of statistics and probability theory is very important. AI is an industry that features various mathematical concepts and there are no shortcuts to learning.  Solid knowledge of calculus and algebra is also needed.

Communication and Emotional Intelligence 

Good emotional intelligence is the ability to express empathy, understand someone else’s feelings, and work with others. Granted, this is not a technical skill but soft skills are expected from aspirants. Hone your ability to exchange information with people and collaborate with others. There are times when you have to break down non-technical concepts to people in an organization which is why this is important.  There is no roadmap to acquiring emotional intelligence but the more you communicate effectively, work on projects together with peers, and interact, you’ll get better at it. Don’t be the type of learner who focuses on just learning passively and not engaging. Nobody likes that.

Distributed Computing

AI and ML require professionals to handle large datasets and aspirants should have extensive experience working with Cloud environments. They should have knowledge of MongoDB and be familiarized with various signal processing techniques as well.

Neural Network Architectures

Neural networks mimic cognitive behaviors like humans and are self-learning algorithms written to learn from experience and adapt to changing data workflows. They can be applied to solve any machine learning data problem. The three most important categories aspirants should master are feed-forward neural networks, recurrent networks, and symmetrically connected networks. Knowing about memoryless models and autoregression can give them an advantage when it comes to designing machine learning solutions for coursework projects.

Working on Projects and Participating Online

You can’t passively learn and expect to become an AI/ML scientist overnight. It’s important to take part in coding challenges and be actively engaged with the communities. Hackathons are one of the best places for learners since it forces them to up their game and come up with creative solutions. You test your skills on the clock and there are many employers who watch out for outstanding talent at these events.

Building capstone projects for your portfolio is key to landing a job after graduating. No certification is perfect and that’s the truth in this industry. For higher prospects of being hired, do research on what’s trending in the industry and make projects around that. You want to deliver useful insights to businesses and build the stuff they want. Implementing what you learn in their domain is a critical skill to have.

Why Should You Study AI and ML?

Studying AI and ML will give you many opportunities to network with professionals around the world. This can happen in the form of network events, live seminars, online meetings, hackathons, and group projects. You will get an opportunity to work together with peers on projects and build an impressive portfolio that companies would want to look at. AI ML projects are challenging and push you to be more innovative. You don’t just learn data science, you learn all the skills needed to solve problems. 

Besides this, some business and marketing skills get taught during these courses so professionals can impact businesses and help revolutionize their performance. Another reason you want to study AI/ML is that it’s a growing field. There are plenty of job vacancies in the market and no shortage of opportunities. Companies pay attractive salary packages to employees who have the required skills and certifications. Furthermore, you can enjoy traveling the world in some cases if you’re hired internationally.

Other than full-time job roles, there are many freelance work opportunities cropping up in the marketplace. For professionals looking to work from home and earn a decent pay, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are one of those industries that welcomes them. 

Become an AI/ML Professional by Studying Online

Great Learning’s PG Program in Data Science helps aspirants learn the fundamentals of AI and Machine Learning. With hands-on projects and intensive coursework, students can study from anywhere in the world and not have to worry about compromising on their life commitments. Studying online also means you can continue your job or balance your education with work-life and stay productive. You can fit your assignments into your learning schedule and submit them at your own convenience since the course is self-paced. 1-on-1 sessions with industry mentors and personalized coaching online also give learners the much-needed career guidance they need when pursuing these courses. The Great Learning AI ML course is the No. 1 in India for a reason and GreatLearning’s PG certification helps you make a mark in the industry as it’s sponsored by top universities globally.


Now that you’re aware of the basics needed to enroll in AI and ML programs and advance in your career, it’s time to get to work. The most important tip is to always have passion and learn with a purpose. Think about the industry you’d like to work in and what type of products you want to develop. If you are new to the AI field then you can enroll for an Introduction to artificial intelligence course for free to build strong concepts. 

Ultimately, you use AI/ML to design solutions for brands and solve problems. AI ML is not limited to the IT sector and has applications in gaming, graphic design, 3D printing, healthcare, industrial verticals, etc. So go ahead, explore to your heart’s content and start learning today.

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