Fix Outlook Not Sending Emails Error with Latest Methods

The outlook word describes a belief and faith about the future. Microsoft Outlook is one of the most famous calendars and email applications used in today’s world. With over a million and one users doing things all over the company’s globe are just relying on Outlook to ensure their business communication runs smoothly. Organizations balance time, management, and emails by using Microsoft Outlook, and businesses depend on Outlook to share scheduled meetings and calendars.

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But sometimes, you think it’s effortless to send and receive the email by just clicking an email to send and receive. At some point, the client calls you and says that they have not received any mail yet. At that time, your heart let fall because you did send the email. While in some cases, it will show at your outlook account that the mail has been sent, but in actual it does not receive by the client. And sometimes, your mail will also be stuck in the outbox. We all have experienced these scenarios once in a while, and it always seems to happen at the most inappropriate times. But by chance, there are some affixes to solve this issue about why Outlook is having an issue regarding sending the emails and what you can do about it.

Quick Recovery –For Microsoft Outlook Mails

Here are a couple of elements which you can try to get the mails that are stuck in your sent inbox:

  • Resemble the message in the outbox.
  • Look over your online status.
  • Check the addressee’s email address.
  • Examine the sent resource in your Outlook.
  • Your Outbox binder may be injured.
  • Your outline may be damaged.

Methods to Solve Outlook Not Sending Emails

Resend the Email Message

When you devise and send the email, Outlook just updates the email’s place and status and drafts in your outbox. The straightforward process to fix this is to try it when you send an email that has been left in your outbox. Try to resend that email manually, which may help you somehow. 

To make this bang on the folder of Outlook, open the unsent email by double-clicking the message and then go to the send option and select it. This will swap the status of the Outlook, and email will try to send that message again. 

Check Your Status

Outlook gives you the mode of working online and offline. If your mail is still situated in your outbox and hasn’t been sent, then inspect your status to make sure that you are working in the mode of online. 

Process of status to be look over inOutlook:

  1. Select the version of MS outlook. 
  2. Snick the tab of the file. 
  3. Make confident there is NO checkmark next to Work Offline.
  4. If there is a checkmark next to Work Offline, then select it to separate the checkmark.

Once you have assured that you are working online, select to send and receive again to send the emails to your outbox. 

Check the Addressee’s Email Address

An address clash between your saved and the email address, which can be the cause of the mail enduring unsent. If the address is not acknowledged in the book of speech, then just simply add it to the records to your address book. This repeatedly helps to get that stubborn email sent.

Check the Send Options in Your Outlook

Always make sure that the option of sending in your Outlook is correctly following the given steps like below:

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Click the “Tools” tab.
  3. Eclectic the “Mail Setup” tab or the “Send” tab determined by the version of your Microsoft Outlook.
  4. Ensure that the “Send Immediately” option is adequately inspected.
  5. Check your application settings to ensure your laptop or computer is correlated to your internet worker.
  6. Go back into the outbox folder, open the mail and look over the “sent “button again.  

Create a New Outbox Folder

Suppose you are still finding the issues related to the email at Outlook by using the tips as mentioned above, which also may cause the outbox folder to be damaged. So it is reasonably easy to create a new fresh outlook profile or folder. You can bring in messages from the old damaged outbox folder to your new folder. Always make a copy of your email before you make a fresh folder just in case things go wrong. It’s simple to make a reprint of your email by taking the help of programs like Microsoft Word to copy the extent of the email to save time in the case of a lost email process.

Create a New Mail Profile

  • Choice and “Add” to add a new profile:
  • Follow the mandate to set up a new mail profile.
  • Start Outlook and try to send you an email over and over. 

While doing this, we wish that you can fix Outlook Not Sending Emails to get your email sent in time.

Final Words

This is all about Outlook Not Sending Emails. By applying the above tips & tricks one can easily fix it. Now the question arises What to do if Outlook Not Receiving Emails But Can Send them?.

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