How to Change Exchange 2010 Attachment Size Limit, 2013? – Using Top 2 Ways

If you’re running Exchange 2010 at your office, you’ll have noticed that the default incoming and outgoing message size limit is 10,240 KB or 10 MB. These days, however, there are many attachments that far exceed this size.

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If you want to change Exchange 2010 Attachment Size Limit, 2013, and the maximum send size for emails, it’s not as simple as you might think. But then again, when is anything easy to work call at Exchange. So, you need just use the top 2 methods to learn How to change attachment size limit in exchange 2010, 2013?.

Change Exchange 2010 Attachment Size Limit, 2013

Email attachments can also affect the size limit of the Exchange mailbox. So, you need to modify the change attachment size limit in exchange 2010, 2013.  Even one small attachment can affect your Exchange mailbox size limit. So, it’s necessary to line the Exchange mailbox limit.

The only thanks to set size limits exclusively for attachments is to use a hub transport rule, which can detect and block messages if their attachments are over a specified size threshold.

1.Exchange 2010 Attachment Size Limit.

To set up the rule you’ll use the below PowerShell script because the method is sort of simple:

New-TransportRule -Name LargeAttach -AttachmentSizeOver 10MB -RejectMessageReasonText "Message attachment size over 10MB - email rejected."

The command creates a rule named LargeAttach that’s triggered by any email with attachments larger than 10MB. The rule then stops the message from delivery and sends back a notification that fact to the first sender.

2.Exchange 2013 Attachment Size Limit.

  • In the EAC, navigate to the Recipients >> Mailboxes.
  • Now, click on the mailbox from the list of user mailboxes that you need to change the attachments size limits and then click on the Edit button.
  • Next, from the mailbox properties page, click on the Mailbox Features.
  • After that, navigate to the Message Size Restrictions and click on View details option. It will show you the utmost size limit of attachments for sending messages and received messages and modify them.
  • Finally, click on the OK button and then click on the Save button to view your changes.

Change Exchange 2010 Attachment Size Limit, 2013 to stop bloating your mailbox database seems quite reasonable. However, this still doesn’t resolve the matter fully, as over time the database will grow anyway thanks to increased email traffic. Even small attachments can affect your server when they are sent in large quantities. Sure, you can even lower limits, but this is a dead-end situation. In today’s world, a 5MB PDF attachment is nothing uncommon, and it is safe to assume that these numbers will only grow.


That is all there is to change Exchange 2010 Attachment Size Limit, 2013. Finally, you need to make sure you restart your Exchange server for the new size limits to take effect. If you can’t reboot, you’ll attempt to restart the Exchange services and see if that works.

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