Convert EML to PDF Using Easy and Effective Solution for Migration

Email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Window Live Mail, Outlook Express, Zimbra, and many other Email clients use EML file format. If you are searching for solutions to convert EML to PDF file format then you are on the right page. As, in this technical guide, we are going to discuss the issue regarding the EML to PDF file conversion.

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Without wasting time. Let’s move to know – “What is EML & PDF File Format?”

What is the EML file format?

EML is a file format used to save the emails in the MIME RFC 822 standard. Many email clients store their mails in the EML file format like:

  1. Windows Live Mail (Transfer Windows Live Mail to Outlook)
  2. Outlook Express 
  3. Mozilla Thunderbird 
  4. Window Mail
  5. Zimbra
  6. Zoho Mai etc 

What is the PDF file format?

PDF stands for Portable Data Format, which means that the data stored in the .pdf file format are shows similar in every different platform. This means the data stored in the PDF file like text, image, media, etc., didn’t change its hierarchy, and able to show data on every platform. In short, we can say that PDF files are convenient and can be used for transferring data.

Advantage to Convert EML to PDF file format

Due to the compatibility of the PDF format, this acts as the best conveyer of the data. Benefits of PDF files over the EML file format are: 

  1. PDF files are easy to create.
  2. Absence of drag and drop feature, which increases safety measures.
  3. Option to lock PDF with the password and make the document secure.
  4. PDF software is free to use.
  5. One can’t change the PDF content. 

Why we convert EML to PDF file format?

There are several reasons due to which the user wants to convert EML to PDF file format. Some of the most popular reasons for conversions are shared below:

  1. One can easily share a PDF file with someone without actually tampering with their original data.
  2. As, PDF is the most compact, portable, and independent file format provided by Adobe. Hence, it is easily accessed from any system.
  3. One can easily open the EML files through the text editor which can easily be accessed by the user. 

Different ways to convert EML files into the PDF file format

There are different methods by which the user can able to convert their EML files to PDF file format. Now let’s discuss the way to convert the EML files into the PDF file. 

Convert EML to PDF using Thunderbird [Manual Method]

Many users are opting for the Manual method to convert their EML files into the PDF file format. And if you also want to choose the manual ways to transfer your EML file into the PDF file format, follow the steps carefully:

  1. Initially, you need to install the Thunderbird Import ExportTools Extension in your system.
  2. Then, choose the required folder to convert into the PDF file format from the Inbox, Draft, Sent & Trash.
  3. After that, click on the ImportExportTool >> Export all messages in the folder >> PDF format.

Note: By following the above steps, one can easily migrate their EML files in the PDF file format. 

Wrap Up

In this technical guide, we have discussed all the possible talks to convert EML to PDF file. As you already get to know that there are lots of reasons behind the conversion of the EML file to PDF file format, and one of them is due to its portability as portable document files have lots of successive attributes than the EML files.

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