What is Error 0x80070021 in Microsoft Outlook And How to Fix it?

Error 0x80070021 occurs when users use Outlook to access their data, and users have to access the outlook account, due to this sending and receiving email is also problematic. This error happens in MS Outlook that is an extensively used email storing application by many industries globally. Apart from sending and receiving email MS Outlook performs tasks, planning, scheduling, notes, and calendars and so on which makes it vital for users’ daily work. To fix the occurring errors there are some solutions mentioned to fix this bug and use Outlook smoothly.

Reasons for Error:

  • You might be experiencing this error since Outlook or another application utilizing Outlook’s features is running behind the scenes while you are attempting to make the backup. Such applications incorporate Microsoft Office Communicator, Google Calendar Sync, Skype, and so on 
  • I case your hardware is encountering an issue, it could keep you from transferring information from your PST record or putting away it. This could prompt record corruption and loss of email subsequently producing a mistake like 0x80070021. Hardware issues could be any of the accompanying: network device failure, the failure of information storage gadgets, or sudden power failure. 
  • You might have not appropriately shut Outlook, along these lines having it run in the background. Your Outlook may not close as expected due to such hindrances as Add-Ins that are empowered in the Outlook application.

Multiple Solutions for Error 0x80070021

In case Outlook is not working:

  • Error 0x80070021 may occur if Outlook is running in the background even after closing and the user want to copy PST files.
  • To check if MS Outlook is running behind the scenes, click on the Start symbol and discover the Task Manager. 
  • Select the process tab when the window opens. 
  • Select with Outlook in case it is recorded under Applications and click on the End Task button. 
  • In the event that you don’t discover Outlook in the rundown, go to the background interaction and check in case it is recorded there. 
  • When you feel that the Outlook application is running, right-click on it and select the Finish Task button. 
  • By shutting the Skype application from Task Manager, the Outlook blunder 0x80070021 is consequently fixed.

Search email indexer:

One more offender of the error 0x80070021 the process can’t get to the record is the COM Add-in which might keep the Outlook from shutting totally. Generally, it drives the Outlook out behind a foundation even the application is shut. Presently, here is the instructional exercise. 

  • Open Outlook application and click File to proceed. 
  • Then, at that point, pick Options from the upward menu. 
  • Select the Add-ins tab. 
  • Go to the bottom segment of the screen and click on the drop-down menu related to Manage. 
  • Select COM Add-ins and snap Go to see the rundown of installed Add-ins. 
  • Select the Search Email Indexer and click on Remove to dispose of it. 

At the point when it is done, take a stab at overseeing Outlook record again and check whether the blunder 0x80070021 Windows 10 is addressed.

Boot Computer:

In order to fix error 0x80070021 one can boot the computer in safe mode, then will restart the platform with minimal background software and services.

  • Open Run, which you can do with the Windows key + R keyword shortcut. 
  • Information MSConfig in Run and press Enter to open the window shown straightforwardly beneath. 
  • Click the Selective startup choice on the General tab. 
  • Deselect the Load startup things check box. 
  • Select the Load framework administrations and Use unique boot setup settings. 
  • Ensure the Hide all Microsoft administrations choice is chosen on the Services tab. 
  • Then, at that point, click Disable all to deselect all the outsider administrations. 
  • Click Apply, OK, and afterward Restart on the exchange box that opens. 
  • From that point, copy the Outlook PST after clean booting. 
  • Then, at that point, you can reestablish your unique startup design.

Professional Outlook Repairing Tool:

As expressed before, the last solution can fix the Outlook error 0x80070021 regardless of whether the above solutions don’t work. The heavenly Outlook Repair tool is a definitive answer for fixing mistakes related to Microsoft Outlook. It works with all forms of Windows like Windows 10, 8, 7, 8.1, etc. This tool can filter for profound harm to your PST documents and fix the issue; such harms could be from crashed frameworks, virus infection, system errors, degenerate records, among others.

Steps to follow after installing the app:

  1. Add Corrupt File
  2. Repair File
  3. Preview and save file

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