The Guidance To Forward Hotmail to Gmail in 2023

If you have no idea about Hotmail, let’s tell you more or less about Gmail and Hotmail are some things. Though there are some differences because google made Gmail, and here you will find more features. Google gets the authentication. That is why people use Gmail more than Hotmail.

You may have an idea about Hotmail stands for outlook. If you want to connect your mobile to a desktop, then Hotmail will help you. When you shift from Hotmail to Gmail, you will have empty trash on outlook.

Before some years, Hotmail was under Microsoft and also was popular. However, in 2013, it was only focusing on marketing. At this time, it had almost ten million users of email. But at the current time, Gmail has taken this position.

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What is Hotmail?

Before some years ago, it was one of the best webmail globally, but it has lost its position in the current situation. Still, now, there are millions of users. Microsoft made this webmail by spending approximately $400 million.

But in 2013, it shifted to This relaunching was strange for the users, and at that time, users turned to email. But still, in outlook, there are millions of users. The services that Hotmail used to provide now have turned to perspective.

The outlook is working well, and the users are getting new facilities like calendar, unlimited storage, Ajaz, etc. However, using one drive, office online, skype is also getting associated with that.

What is Gmail?

Generally, people call Gmail “gee mail”. It is also a free web email. It works like Hotmail. Now Gmail is associated with google meet, where many people can get the video calling facility. Here you will get the facilities with the gigabyte storage.

Nowadays, people are using Gmail for official reasons. You can send mails for personal reasons and also for official purposes. Even for the file transfer, it is now one of the best choices. After opening a new Gmail account, you will have empty trash on android. However, you can use this now if you want to taste the super-fast sending.

In the world of email marketing, for business purposes, people are accessing Gmail. The primary web e-mail provides megabytes. Rather than that, Gmail is suitable and accessible for users. Sometimes users have problems using Hotmail. At this time, they can move to Gmail for use.

How to Forward Hotmail to Gmail?

If you have a sense of migration, you will know you have to follow some steps to transfer emails from Hotmail to Gmail. But, for the very first time, you can change the format of emails so that the emails that will come will directly shift to Gmail.

Therefore, you never have to move the emails from Hotmail to Gmail every time. For the time being, let’s see how to move emails from Hotmail to Gmail. You can forward the emails from Hotmail to Gmail. Else can directly transfer the emails.

  1. First, you log in to the Hotmail account and then directly. After that, you have now gone to the settings. When you go there, you will have the mail tab.
  1. After that, you have to forward them. Enable the forwarding option and give the Gmail id where you want to share the emails. When you are doing that, check the box and send the emails that are showing. First, you have to select all the emails.
  1. When you finally press the send button, it will go to Gmail directly. Thus, it is the process of forwarding emails from Hotmail to Gmail.

In this way, you will send all the emails to Gmail properly.

Receiving emails from Hotmail to Gmail

You have; ready learned how to forward the emails from Hotmail to Gmail. Now you have to know about the receiving. Now, let’s check carefully to understand the process correctly.

  1. Now open the Gmail account that you have on the mobile or desktop. First, you have to open this. Just simply login. You log in using the id and password. After that, you have to go to the next step.
  1. After that, you have to go to the import tab. There you will find things related to Hotmail.
  1. In the next step, you have to add your Hotmail account. In this way, you will get to know about the pop-up box. Now you follow the wizard and then get the emails from Hotmail.

The process is straightforward, but you have to know how to do that properly. However, you have learned the steps. If you are using the desktop, then do these steps and shift your emails. So, do the steps.

The Last Words

Here we have given all the necessary details about Hotmail and Gmail. If you don’t know about Hotmail and Gmail, read the first stanzas. Are you ready to shift from Hotmail to Gmail? If the answer is yes, you follow the steps.

When you complete the steps, you will get all the emails in Gmail. So, do this not by wasting your time. It is the best time to shift to Gmail from Hotmail.

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