How to Do A Barrel Roll?

Google is always fun. Even the company itself gives us a vibe of comfort and easiness. That’s the image it created among the public. Many employees find comfort in working for them. They provide all the facilities a person wishes from their work environment, which is a very proud moment for them at the stage where they stand.

Over the past few decades, they have crossed many thrones in the tech industry. They overcame all the competitive hurdles and became the world’s most popular search engine & used browser. The American Multi-National Company successfully emerged in the tech field. It provides various services through various platforms. From their highest-rated search engine to the trending Google meet, google is everywhere. 

No doubt the google search engine is best—a search engine where a keyword type and a massive bundle of links appear regarding the word. It helps people understand, research, and conclude the respective aspect. It’s good that in this modern era, we have the internet in every corner of the world, and we can access it, use it, and make productivity out of it. With just a click, we can get whatever we want. For suppose, Like you can learn french sitting in India, you don’t need to go to France. 

Google provides many services that, include Chrome(browser), Youtube (Video Streaming Platform), Gmeet(Group Video Calling Platform), and Google Duo(Personal Video Calling Service), Google Sheets(Replacing Excel), Google Slides(Replacing Powerpoint), Google Docs(Replacing word), and Google Sites(Website Designing Platform, Google Classroom(For Students and Teachers), Google Calendar(For dates), Google Forms(For research, exams, etc.), Google Contacts(To call), and the list goes on. 

Not only these applications but google also has some good clouding and software services. Clouding is one of the best services too. We have Google Photos and a few other backup services that can help us store data for free to a greater extent.

Most of us might be looking for ways to spend our time working with a computer at home or in the office. It is boring when we don’t have any work. But what if I say there are a few ways that google experimented with to make all of us have a little fun time and think about how the person might have done it? It surely will surprise us and indulge an unknown curiosity in thinking about various online tricks.

However, what do you say about pulling a prank on your friend with the help of Google? It’s fun, right? Absolutely! So here is a way:

What is Do A Barrel Roll?

Most of you are curious about this Barrel Roll, whereas a few already know. So exactly is a Barrel Roll? A Barrel Roll is an easter egg by google. Again easter eggs are the artificial features generated by the software. It’s hidden chiefly as very few focus on these things. 

But this easter egg by google is quite famous as most users find this attractive. It is also known as ‘Z or R Twice.’ Almost a decade back, there was massive hype about this easter egg on social media applications. Apps like Facebook and Twitter surrounded people reacting to this new funny easter egg available online. 

People were suggesting to each other this newfound thing. With the evolving time and technology, people’s lifestyles are profoundly changing. So does the software. It’s improving in creating many new things that we never expected in our lifetime. What exactly does this easter egg do? This feature is a simple way to show a 360-degree spin-off on our computers or Desktop screen. It gives a rotating view of every angle of the screen, rotating around like a globe.

Steps To Do a “Google Barrel Roll”

There are very few steps as follows:

  1. Open your computer and go to your browser.
  2. Go to ‘google it.’
  3. Type “Do a Barrel Roll”
  4. Click “Enter”
  5. Click on Top most link with the help of your mouse.

You can see a complete 360-degree spin on your screen. This way, open this “Do a Barrel Roll” page on your friend’s computer browser and tell your friend to click on the topmost link without saying anything to them and you can pull a little prank on them. Later, don’t forget to notify them about this easter egg too. It’s fun.

Different Styles of Spins of the Google Barrel Roll

With a few ways to make the barrel roll move in a certain way or manner. A few of them are as follows:

  • Z or R Twice
  • A Backflip
  • Barrel Roll Twice
  • Do A Barrel Roll 10 Times
  • Do A Barrel Roll 20 Times
  • Barrel Roll for Hundred Times
  • Barrel Roll for the Multiples of Digit ‘5’ and ’10’ 

If you can make it even a Million Times but only has a little time. Depending on the number and how we use this Barrel Roll, there might be a few changes to your Home Page. But as google is a user-friendly company and we can access anything, anytime, we can always change the preferences by opening the settings. In reality, there is no use for this Barrel Roll. However, the sole purpose is to kill boredom and get some entertainment. You can even change the style of the home page and logo with this help.

Queries Regarding Google Barrel Roll

1. Can we open this in Firefox or Microsoft Browsers?

Yes, you can—just login into your Google Account in the respective browser.

2. Is it going to remain like that after we click the link?

Not at all. Once you click the link, you can see a rotation taking place, and a new page will direct you. Again when you click the topmost link of that page, it starts moving in a 360-degree motion. But to return to your original position, click on the back option available.

3. Can we do it on a mobile phone too?

Yes, same as your computers.

As you got a new trick to play, try it as soon as possible, and don’t forget to share your views about the easter egg with your friends and family.

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