Learn How To Print Multiple PDF Files At Once?

We know that there is some work where people are supposed to analyze and make different PDF files for different subjects or tasks, which are supposed to be printed. Sometimes the work can be so hectic that people end up selecting the PDF files one by one and end up wasting their time, while they waste their hours this task of printing multiple PDFs together can be done in minutes. Let’s see some most common and easy methods to print multiple PDF Files at one time.

How to Print Multiple PDF Files On Windows OS?

The First way of printing multiple PDFs at the same time is very simple and easy to do. This way is not complicated to face any difficulty to clearly understand it. You can just print your multiple PDF files at one time. The method works just with the help of your default and inbuilt options in your computer and it doesn’t need any software. This method of printing multiple pdfs together is built for those who need a maximum of 15 PDFs to print together. 

Note: This way is the simplest one and is just made for people who want to print a maximum of fifteen PDF files together.

Here are the steps to print PDF files (not more than 15) together at once

  • Just go to ‘my computer’ from and desktop and locate the folder where you have saved your PDFs(Maximum 15)
  • Select all the PDFs you wish to print.
  • Click on the ‘Share’ option or tab from the top toolbox.
  • After that three options will appear you have to click the ‘Print’ option.
How to Print Multiple PDF Files On Windows OS?
  • Then it will easily print all your PDF files at once. 

The second way of printing multiple PDFs is also quite easy and helpful because unlike the first method above where you were restricted to only just printing 15 PDFs, here in this particular method you can print unlimited PDF files at once without any difficulties. In this method also you won’t be needing any external software for help. You can simply do this using inbuilt options.

Here are the steps to print unlimited PDF files at the same time

  • Click on the start menu and go to ‘Control Panel’.
  • In the Control Panel you need to find the ‘Device and Printers’ option.

  • In ‘Device and Printers’ you will find all the devices and printers that are connected to your computer. (Make sure to keep the Printer connected well).
  • Find the name or code of the Printer that you have connected with on your computer.
  • After finding the Printer select it and right-click on your mouse, after that you need to click on the ‘See what’s Printing’ option.
  • Now a blank Tab will appear, just go back to the folder where all the PDFs are stored, select all the files for printing and drag and drop them to the blank tab window.
  • At last, a prompt will appear on your computer screen asking for permission to print multiple PDFs.
  • Just click the ‘Yes’ button, and it will print all your PDF files together, one by one.

How To Print Multiple PDF Files together on Mac OS?

Here I’ll show you some easiest ways to print multiple PDF files together in Mac OS. The first process is called the Preview method, which is the most common and simple method of printing multiple PDFs together. In this method, all the PDF files which are supposed to be printed are combined into one whole PDF file. It adds all the PDFs in the first PDF file and adds up other PDFs in itself.

The following steps are involved in the Preview process

  • First Make a folder on the main desktop screen and place all the PDF Files which you want to print inside that folder.
  • Make sure to rename all the folders by numbering them.
How To Print Multiple PDF Files together on Mac OS?
  • Select the first PDF from the list or folder, double right-click on it and it will open its preview.
Print Multiple PDF Files
  • On the left side of the preview PDF, you will find all the pages in order, just like PowerPoint.
  • If you’re unable to find the page preview in it, just click on view from the top toolbox and select the ‘thumbnail’ option.
  • Click on the last page of the opened PDF file’s preview.
  • Now, Click on the ‘Edit’ Tab from the top toolbox and select the insert option. Click on the ‘page from file’ option.
Print Multiple PDF Files
  • Now a tab will appear including all the other PDF files you are supposed to print, select all the other PDFs and simply click the ‘Open’ button.
Print Multiple PDF Files
  • All the PDF files will be combined in one file, Now you can simply Print it.

Final Words

This is all about How To Print Multiple PDF Files At Once?. I hope you find this article helpful to solve your query and print multiple PDF files on Windows & Mac OS.

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