Writing a Dissertation Abstract: A Short Tutorial

The content itself, as well as how it is presented and the length of the abstract, are all very essential. The maximum allowed at your school is shown on the online registration form. In most cases, there are 15 pages included in a PhD dissertation. This may be condensed down to six or seven pages at the most if the purpose of the endeavour is humanitarian. The scale of the undertaking may be 1.5 times larger. It’s very uncommon for dissertation abstracts in history to run somewhere between 25 and 40 pages long.

An Abstract for a Dissertation? — Just to sum up

An abstract is a required legal document that provides a synopsis of a thesis or dissertation findings. Such a document is short (8–15 pages) and introduces the applicant’s credentials to the scientific community. Under standard practise, the report is sent to different scientific organisations so that people interested in the study’s originality may access it. One copy should be given to each participant in the dissertation committee so that they may read up on the topic before the defence. You should put significant work into creating the abstract since it will be given to the council during the defence. It is hoped that by making these preparations, the number of pertinent questions asked during the defence will be reduced. The suggestions we provide in this piece are meant to facilitate this process. You may use them to fine-tune an existing paper or create one from scratch.

The Basics of Writing a Dissertation Abstract

Dissertation findings and central concepts, the author’s academic contribution, the originality of the research, and its practical applicability should all be included in the text. This is the beginning of an abstract, which you should follow. 

  • These articles should be based on the defence dissertation. 
  • Discover an abstract example in your speciality on the university’s website. The council will assess your work. 
  • Start your abstract with a successful example.
  • This paper is specialised. 
  • Make sure the dissertation and abstract are accurate.
  • Remember that only 40 people will read your abstract, but only five will read your dissertation.
  • This implies the paper must be well-written. 

Conclusion Abstract Format for Dissertation

This part should offer succinct yet thorough dissertation results. Show how the topic’s objectives were obtained and what tasks were completed. The authors’ own conclusion. They’re the defence’s focus, so develop them carefully. The results and suggestions should meet the aims. They follow the dissertation structure. According to experience, significant findings and recommendations need 9–12 points. This is the dissertation’s primary component. Complicated phrases aren’t allowed.

Summary of the Dissertation in Words

The abstract’s length, the presentation’s quality, and the content’s depth are all crucial. The maximum allowable enrollment for your institution may be found on the internet. The average length of a PhD thesis is 15 pages. If necessary, this might be condensed to around seven or eight pages. It could be 1.5 times greater if the motivation is humanitarian. Abstracts for historical dissertations may range in length from 25 to 40 pages.

What to Include and Leave Out of Your Dissertation Abstract

The candidate must consider these factors while drafting the paper:

  • Information is presented scientifically.
  • Use brevity.
  • Research problems, outcomes, and hypotheses are presented objectively.
  • Distribute the text evenly over the page.
  • Abbreviating repetitious words.
  • Common and keyword shortening.
  • Simple phrases and meaningless structures

The most common mistakes are:

  • Missing or incorrect bibliography 
  • This violates abstract writing guidelines. 
  • The list generally includes monographs, brochures, and scientific dissertation publications.
  • Text irrelevant to dissertation 
  • Use only topic-related information.
  • The abstract doesn’t match the applicant’s research.
  • Writing without knowing the council. 
  • The abstract should resemble comparable works protected by the commission in style and organisation. 

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