Learn How to Strikethrough Google Docs App in 2023?

Strikethrough Google docs is a feature in which you can choose a word processor style like Google sheets or Microsoft word to help you cross out specific terms where the reader can still see the comments. Writers usually use this feature in the documents as another choice for their texts.

Reasons Why You May Need to Use Strikethrough Google Docs

To Enable One Strike a Text without Losing it

A strikethrough helps in keeping the text one is unsure whether they need to delete or not. It will show that you are undecided and will enable you to come back to the text later after you’ve made up your mind to keep it or not.

To Show a Change of Thought

Strikethrough shows that someone has changed the way they think about something. Many bloggers use this feature to add humor to their posts since they can change their minds and write the most appropriate content for their clients.

To Help One in Crossing Off The List Item

Strikethrough Google docs enable one to cross off list items electronically, thus enhancing one to see how far they have reached in adding a list to Google docs.

How to Strikethrough Google Docs? – Best Possible Way

Crossing out a text on Google docs is not apparent when you check the available toolbars in the open WordPress document. Strikethrough google docs may use Google docs keyboard shortcuts and the nested menus function. Below are the steps to follow:

1. Opening the document

Open Google docs and choose the text you would want to strikethrough. You may use drag and click from where the text you wish to strikethrough has begun to where it has ended.

 2. Clicking the format menu

The format menu is at the top of the page. Tap on it after choosing the strikethrough text.

 3. Choosing the text and then strikethrough

Choose the text option on the menu that will appear and then strikethrough.

 4. Using the keyboard shortcuts

There is always an alternative way to put the line on the text you have chosen without deleting them using the keyboard shortcuts. For example, Mac: Command + Shift + X and Windows: Alt + Shift + 5.

Drawing a Line Through Text In Google Docs

The procedure below can help in adding a strikethrough google docs formatting in any document.

  1. Navigate to google drive and open the document you want to add a strikethrough.
  2. Choose the text where you would want to draw the line. Choosing the whole document will require you to tap somewhere in the document body and tap on the keyboards, Ctrl + A. 
  3. At the top of the window, tap on the format tab.
  4. Select the text and then tap on the option of strikethrough.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts to Draw a Line Through Text In Google Docs

Strikethrough keyboard shortcuts help in adding a line on the google docs text faster. Using the keyboard shortcuts will require you to choose your content, then tap Alt + Shift + 5. It includes the steps mentioned below:

  1.  Highlighting the text you would want to strikethrough using a mouse.
  2.  Pressing the Alt + Shift + 5 keys simultaneously.

Strikethrough text with keyboard shortcuts using a MacBook will require one to use command + shift + X options. The text you have chosen will have a line on it. If there is a line through a text on your doc and you want to remove it, you need to select numbers or words with strikethrough and tap on Alt + Shift + 5.

When you want to strikethrough using a nested menu, you will need to highlight the text, select the format, and then text, then strikethrough. That will help in removing the strikethrough. You can also navigate to format, then clear formatting to withdraw any design you used to treat the text or the entire strikethrough.

List of Formatting Shortcuts for Google Docs

  • Clear text formatting; some shortcut keys one may use to remove the text from formatting. Eg, Cmd+\(macOS) and Ctrl + B (Windows/ Chrome OS).
  • Copy the selected text formatting.
  • Applying the bold formatting.
  • Application of strikethrough formatting.
  • Application of underline formatting.
  • Applying italic formatting.
  • Pasting the text formatting.
  • Decrease or increase the font size one at a time.

How to Remove Strikethrough Google Docs?

The procedure of eliminating strikethrough google docs takes the same process as adding the strikethrough as below:

You need to open the document, choose the text with a strikethrough to remove, tap on the format tab, click on the text, and finally strikethrough.


The procedure for strikethrough google docs will depend on whether you are using the keyboard shortcuts or the nested menus function. This article has discussed the various steps to follow to strikethrough google docs and the formatting shortcuts available.

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