How can you use an Event Calendar for Your Event Planning?

Here goes your typical morning regime: you wake up to an insistently buzzing alarm clock or a digital symphony coming from your phone. Then, as the coffee brews (or chai latte in some cases), you quickly skim through important messages and notes on your phone. Having done that, you probably set off to work in your vehicle. That’s modern technology in full gear—and mind you, it’s not even 10. am. yet.

As a venue professional, leveraging technology to your benefit should not stop once you have entered the office

As exciting as venue management sounds, the fun part of it is toned down by monotonous, time-consuming tasks such as manually running availability checks, contacting clients, generating contracts, tracking settlements, and so on – all of which are error-prone and slow-moving.

With so much on the plate, event management software is a Good Samaritan coming to the rescue of venue management teams

It helps you reduce your manual work and drastically simplify the workflows of the venues. Which in turn ensures maximum bookings and successful events. Most modern-day, cloud-based multi-module event management software comes with an event calendar intelligently integrated into them.

Technology that has simplified theatre management

Like the San Diego Theatre in downtown San Diego, many theatre management businesses have benefitted by using an all-inclusive event management software with an integrated event booking calendar. Let’s quickly run through an event calendar and how you can use it for venue management and event planning.

What is an Event Calendar?

An event calendar is a power-packed solution that venue professionals use to streamline, automate, and simplify their venue bookings – it lets you add, edit, and reschedule your bookings and events in real-time. In addition, an event calendar makes it faster and easier for you to run venue availability and runtime checks, which entails that you can get back to your client instantly and confirm bookings. Not to mention, by showing you an up-to-date record of your events, activities, and notes in one centralized space, the calendar functions far beyond just managing bookings.

Here’s How Your Business Can Benefit From an Event Calendar

By leveraging what an event calendar offers, you gain a competitive advantage in venue management. Here’s how:

  • Add, Edit, Delete, Reschedule Bookings Effortlessly

A booking calendar that comes integrated with an event management software lets you digitally add, edit, delete or reschedule bookings without any hassle and keep the client informed. In addition, most event booking software comes with an in-built client repository, so getting back to the client is made prompt and effortless.

  • It helps you centralize your data

An event calendar reflects all the bookings you have made and blocks off the already booked dates. Additionally, you can feed event performance notes, client data, and other details into the calendar and retrieve them with one tap.

  • Multi-user, fast-updating environment

Venue management and event planning businesses are all about collaboration and teamwork. An event calendar offers a multi-user environment that allows the entire team to connect over and share the same database. The calendar is updated automatically, and the changes are reflected for the entire team in real-time.

  • Avoid double bookings

We have already established that an efficient booking is fast-updating – it quickly reflects all the changes you make to it. As you book a date on your event, it instantly blocks off those dates and updates the entire management team so no more bookings can be made on that particular (run) time of the event.

  • Avoid vacancies

Booking calendars give you a bird-eye view of all your past, current and upcoming bookings so you can scan for any gaps in the bookings and make an adjustment to the prices in periods of low bookings to boost business.

  • Customizable views and color-coded fields

Event calendars are intelligently designed with a very easy-to-use interface that simplifies the venue management process. They come with customizable color-coding systems to help you categorize the bookings according to the filters you prefer. Additionally, the calendar view is also customizable. You can view information on the calendar by week and by month using different in-built widgets.**

To put it precisely, the automation and simplification offered by an event calendar cuts out human errors and enables your business to thrive. However, for that to happen, you have to carefully shortlist and choose from only the best venue and event management software that meets your organizational needs; otherwise, it’s no different than not having one.

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