Jobs You Can Do If You Love Cosmetics

In Houston, Texas

Just like how some people are fascinated with airplanes, compassionate with planes, and mesmerized by the human body, there are also some people who take delight in beauty. The idea of hairstyling, pedicures, and glamming models sparks their passion, and their love for beauty emerges. The cosmetology industry has so many aesthetics, and living in its field is wondrous for it can take you to many places. You can be hired for makeup, you can explore many types of hairstyles and it might get you recognition, or it can even allow you to meet such famous cosmetologists in the industry and you can be a beauty designer for models! Being a fashion designer could go a long way, the possible experiences are wide.

After you are done with your college degree from a beauty school in Houston, a lot of spots are waiting for you in different areas, in different companies. Beauty is truly relevant and significant in the world, especially since there are a lot of superstars and artists who want to put a lot of effort and enhancement into their looks, thus, looking for a job after you graduate probably wouldn’t be so challenging. Especially if you are someone who stores skills and amazing talents that can really be of use for the industry. 

Here are the top 5 relevant jobs that you can apply for if you love cosmetics:


As we all know, being a Dermatologist is very significant. A Dermatologist is a type of Doctor who specializes in a person’s skin, nails, and hair. They are the ones that you will consult regarding concerns about skin, nails, and hair problems. Not to mention, Dermatologists receive high salaries too! So, it is a good ambition for you. This job requires medical courses, internships, and residencies.

You can contribute a lot to being a Dermatologist. You can help fix a patient’s acne, help them through their nail diseases, and can even assist them with their hair problems. Nowadays, truthfully, many people around the world are conscious and spend too much time worrying about the appearance of their skin, nails, and hair. Thus,  you can receive a lot of consultants upon being a Dermatologist. A Dermatologist can also give advice to your patients regarding what correct products they should use for their skin, nails, and hair. 


There is often a stigma marked plastic surgeries. Many people do not support the creations of plastic surgeons, pushing the opinions such as “Be proud of how you are born” and “Embrace the features that have been given to you.” But, for some, plastic surgeons are a big help. People too conscious or just want to change their appearance are what help break the stigma marked upon cosmetic surgeries. Cosmetic surgeons are the type of doctors who are in charge of treating parts of the body for enhancement and beauty purposes. They are the ones who will make procedures to completely change a body part’s appearance to make it more different or appealing. For the artists in the beauty or fashion industries, influencers, and those in the movie industry, plastic surgeons are significant. 

The surgeries are really expensive, thus, plastic surgeons make a lot of money. The journey of becoming a plastic surgeon is long. Just like being a Dermatologist, it also requires medical courses, thorough training, and residencies before finally receiving the title.


Of course, make-up artists are so marked and usual. On every occasion– whether it be just a simple or a grand gathering, make-up artists are always called. Being skilled in mixing different colors of powders and knowing the perfect blends of palettes are such good talents that can help you earn lots of money. Being a makeup artist does not really require courses or degrees. You just have to be a skillful and lovely artist, so you can get the recognition that you deserve, and gradually, when you will become popular enough, many more customers will come to see you which may help you earn lots of money so you can finally establish your salon. It is recommended that you create an online platform for your make-up artistry. It is highly suggested that you post your clients online so that people may see on the internet your talent for make-up. However, being a make-up artist requires a lot too, such as being updated on the trending make-up styles in the world so you can adapt to a client’s request, and being a collector of various make-up palettes, lipsticks, and other beauty products.


Being a salon owner is a good idea too. Aside from earning a lot of money, you are also the boss of your own life. However, achieving a happy CEO life first takes time, for the early times of opening a business can be challenging. You must first have sufficient capital for authorizations and permits, have enough money for the things needed, and you must have a good choice of your location. Establishing your salon in the center of an area is suggested because, in that way, you are relevant, and many passing people will recognize your salon. You also have to be skillful in choosing your staff members. Make sure that they are also the type of competitive and talented employees, just like the owner.


Beauty products are famous nowadays. Lip balms, facial products, and colorful palettes are big purchases in the market. Before choosing to be a beauty products developer, you must first conduct a very thorough study so you won’t have any mistakes in choosing the ingredients for the inventions of your product. It is also best if you make your products friendly for the environment– such as putting it in biodegradable containers and refraining to pack them in plastic. Because aside from it can help the earth, earth enthusiasts will also like it more. Make sure to advertise your products and have models to try them so your product may reach more audiences, thus, receiving more customers to buy. And the more customers who will buy, the bigger the income you receive.


Aside from the five above, there are still so many opportunities for someone who loves cosmetology. The networks are wide, and the possibilities are endless. Having a passion for beauty is a good cause. You can be a motivation for the other people who also plan to pursue it.

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