Top 5 Photo Editing Skills To Boost Your Online Business

The online retail market is a massive beast. With over 12 million retailers and almost 5 trillion dollars in sales last year, it is no wonder it is becoming a fiercely competitive space. All those retailers and only 10% of them can honestly consider themselves successful.

That may sound incredibly depressing, but that means that over 1 million e-commerce stores are more than making their mark on the world of digital sales. There are thousands of inspirational Shopify stories to warm even the coldest hearts.

If you’re looking for a way for your online store not to get lumped in as another statistic, below are five ways that you can use photo editing to boost your business:

1. Close-Ups

One of the most commonly reported downsides to shopping online is a lack of detail when it comes to viewing the product. Make sure that your products are shot from a 360-degree view so that your product images are fully immersive, and your shoppers get a feel for the item without physically seeing it.

Close-ups are an impactful way to show off the detail and texture of your products – just remember to ensure that they are clean and in perfect condition before starting the photoshoot.

2. Lifestyle Images

Your online store cannot just be about moving products. There are likely thousands of other retailers who could be cheaper than you or could offer shorter delivery times – the list goes on.

In this competitive environment, you need something that sets you apart from your competition. You need to sell a story with your products – and what better way to do that than through lifestyle images of your products in action?

Your lifestyle images should include ways to use your items in everyday life. Keep the images clean and classy – you want your brand to be something that people feel the need to strive toward.

3. Crisp Product Shots

Nothing puts off an online shopper more than terrible shots of the product. That will give your customers the impression that you are trying to hide flaws and other awful things about your items.

When taking shots of your products, use a free background remover to ensure that your products take centre-stage and aren’t overshadowed by what’s going on behind the product.

4. Photos Of Happy Customers

Nothing impresses potential customers more than a good review about an inspiring online shop. Well, unless you get visual about it and post photos of your happy customers enjoying their most recent purchase from you.

Make sure you get their permission first and make a game out of it if you can – offer a prize for the goofiest pic or the one that makes you smile the most. Be sure to touch up the winner’s pic, only the best will do.

5. New Product Launches

Use your newfound photo editing skills to help you engage with a larger audience for your next product launch. You only get to make one single great first impression with a new range, so ensure that everything you post is of the best quality possible.

Anything is possible with the right set of photo editing tools and skills!

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