8 Mistakes You Make Doing Instagram SEO and How You Should Avoid It

SEO is a practice that helps you boost the quantity and quality of your website visitors. But your Instagram account is also in need of some concentration and wants to arrive at the peak of the search results.

Undoubtedly, it needs lots of work to see your website or Instagram account at the top of the search results. But only a few entrepreneurs and marketers are aware of the Instagram algorithm or the optimization techniques.

To understand the actual meaning of SEO, the definition should be broken into three parts. It consists of the quality of traffic, quantity of traffic, and organic results.

Whether you promote your account, gain new followers, boost your product sales and engagement, SEO is applicable everywhere. Because of the algorithm, Instagram is the perfect platform for optimization.

Though you may think that SEO for Instagram pages is easy to handle, many business owners and entrepreneurs make several mistakes unknowingly when optimizing a profile. Here’s a list of the mistakes in detail and also a guide to avoiding them.

Your Instagram Page Lacks Cohesiveness

Though it may seem a little bit strange, one of the most important rules of Instagram management is to create a cohesive profile. The post you share on your Instagram feed should be meaningful, and logical in terms of caption, concept, occasion, timings, and hashtags.

You need to focus on how you should upload your posts, and it is something that can’t be achieved overnight. You have to be patient while thinking of the caption, the necessary tags, layout style, and posting frequency.

To interact more with your followers, upload on a scheduled timing, and maintain a consistent posting frequency. Just remember, do not upload something that does not seem relevant to the timing.

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You Don’t Include Appropriate Hashtags

According to https://later.com, one of the main techniques of Instagram optimization is the use of appropriate hashtags. You might be wondering why you should use hashtags because they perform as search queries. 

Now coming to the point, most people include irrelevant hashtags that match neither your business nor the specific post. If you ever notice a small number of reactions your post gained from hashtags then it simply means that people didn’t expect to see your content when searching a specific hashtag.

For example, if you have a gaming pc and you upload a photo playing games on it. You need to use some popular hashtag, #gamer, for instance. This way the people who searched for the specific hashtag, will come up with your post.

There is no rule binding you to use a limited amount of hashtags. But generally, it is best to use between two or three. Remember one thing; you’ll gain followers through your hashtags, so use them wisely.

You Are Not Conscious About the Location Tags

Location tags are very important when optimizing your Instagram account. Brands that have online businesses or offer worldwide shipping make this mistake. For example, when you open a new restaurant in a specific area, you have fewer locations tags available for yourself. You can’t use unnecessary location tags, because it will only attract an irrelevant audience.

In other cases, if you want to expand your business beyond a specific place and you’re ready to serve customers from different cities or even countries, then you need to change your location tags frequently.

You Have a Vague Username

In Instagram optimization, the username is much more important than you can imagine. It is the most efficient way for your audience to reach out to you. So, your Instagram username should be short, meaningful, and unique. In this way, your audience can search your account easily and more efficiently. You should also write your username in the way your audience most likely searches for it.

Missing Alt Text

It is an interesting feature that makes Instagram special. Alt-text is known as a description, which identifies the content of an image and describes an image to a person who’s visually impaired. Yet, now it is used for optimization.

To enable the Alt Text, press “edit” to unlock the editing screen on your Instagram post. You will see the edit text icon at the bottom-right corner of the image. Press this button to access the Alt Text screen. After gaining access to Alt text, add a description of what’s in your upload, for instance, “cheap gaming computer.”

Next time, when somebody searches for a cheap gaming computer on Instagram, they’ll get your content as result.

Your Bio Does Not Have Keywords

I’m sure you are aware that First Impression is the last impression. So, you need to come up with a bio that will create a good impression among your audience. And to achieve that, you need to add proper keywords in your Instagram bio. This is a primary part of your Instagram SEO strategy. But don’t overcast it with too many keywords, and keep it meaningful and readable.

Having a profile bio helps you to gain more followers on Instagram. If you use it correctly, your page will enter among the top search results.

You Keep Your Account to Private

This is a crucial mistake many entrepreneurs make. If you keep your Instagram account private, then no one will be able to see your posts. Hence you won’t get any like, view, or even a single share. As a result, your account won’t reach your new audiences and it’ll not grow.

Though it can be an unintentional mistake, you have to keep your account set to public.

You Do Not Post Consistently

Consistency is the key. When you are consistent, your account will become more transparent. One most important thing you should keep in mind is “Time”. People aren’t always checking Instagram. There is a certain time when people utilize their free time to scroll through social media. Hence, you have to target the proper timing to boost your reach. When you consistently upload on a scheduled timing, your followers will go through your post more often, and hence, chances of seeing your account on top will keep rising.


These are the mistakes you should avoid. Remember, one small mistake can have much effect on your account. You need to keep in mind that SEO is quite as significant on the social media platform as it is on other websites.

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