Why Lotus Notes File Does Not Exist in Versions 9, 8.5, 8?

Solve Lotus Notes file does not exist error in simple steps. Find out the causes behind the issue and then resolve the Lotus Notes File Does Not Exist issue. If your NSF file is missing in Lotus Notes, then follow the workaround explained in the article.

Lotus Notes is a desktop-based email client provided by IBM. It is remarked as the best email application in all aspects. The level of security offered by the client is outstanding due to which it is a favorite email client of many organizations. Usually, large business organizations prefer to use Lotus Notes as their email application so that they can avail themselves services of Domino Server. Although it offers a great level of security it is not completely free from errors. There occur some situations where Lotus Notes users face errors such as file does not exist error in Lotus Notes. Save your precious time, use NSF Converter. It is the best tool to export NSF to PST.

When a user tries to archive the file, there are chances where some users might get the mentioned error message. It can result in limiting the archiving of documents. Now, a question comes to the user’s mind that what can be the reason for this issue? How can I resolve the error? If you are also one of them, then you are in the right place as in this article, we are explaining the method to fix Lotus Notes NSF file missing error in simple steps.

Causes Behind Lotus Notes File Does Not Exist Error

There can be various possible reasons due to which the above-mentioned issue is faced by the users. The listed factors do not include all the responsible factors as these are the most common reasons behind the issue.

  1. Whenever a user attempts to open a file or an application that does not exist. It can happen if the file never existed or has been moved or deleted. Another reason can be that the file is stored on some external storage device that is not available.
  2. If you are trying to attach or import the file but it is not available in the mentioned directory. So, you have to take care that you mentioned the correct directory so that you can avoid the Lotus Notes file missing error.
  3. If the issue specifies a particular file such as “File Does Not Exist: ”. Then, you can ask the Domino administrator to help in installing, locating, or restoring the file.
  4. If the internet connection is lost, then also this error might pop up.

Solutions to Fix Lotus Notes File Does Not Exist in Versions 9, 8.5, 8

If the issue discussed in the above segment occurs on startup then you can try using the following tasks as these may help users to resolve the error.

  • First, ensure that the important files such as notes.dll, nlnotes.exe, nlnotes.dll exist in the Lotus Notes program directory.

If any of these specified files go missing from the directory, then the first step which you can try is to copy those files from some other system that is running the same release of Notes. Another way to fix the issue is to re-install the Notes client.

  • Make sure that names.nsf, bookmark.nsf, desktop6.ndk, cache.ndk files are available in the Notes \Data directory.

If these files are not available in the directory, then verify that .NTF equivalents exist in the \Data directory.

  • The Lotus Notes file does not exist error can occur and along with it a blank dialog will pop up if the Personal Address Book is not named as names.nsf or if it is not located in the \Data directory.

These are the solutions using which you can fix this NSF file missing issue.


After analyzing the issues faced by the users, we have discussed the causes why the Lotus Notes File Does Not Exist error occurs in versions 9, 8.5, 8. Users can check why they are facing the issue and then according to it, they can find the solutions accordingly.  or some other client.

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