9 Reasons Why it is Vital to Send a Monthly Newsletter to Employees

Employee engagement is a key factor in business success. As such, it’s crucial to be familiar with the many ways to improve it in your company. One of these ways is through sending company newsletters on a monthly basis.

Regularly sending newsletters helps get your business message across to all your employees. It can serve as an effective tool for communicating changes in the company. It includes highlighting important events, information about new policies, promoting programs, and communicating opportunities for growth within the company. 

Newsletters also provide an excellent opportunity for promoting company culture and celebrating milestones (new hires, promotions, etc.). So, if you are looking to boost engagement, then consider sending regular newsletters using Venngage! The platform is simple to use for designing a newsletter and letterhead, and it works!   

With that, here are nine reasons why it is vital to send a monthly newsletter to employees:

Enhances Communication with Your Team

When multiple people work for a larger organization, there can be issues in terms of effective communication amongst employees. An overwhelming amount of emails sent back and forth may result in misinterpretation and miscommunication. 

A monthly company newsletter improves internal communication. You can guarantee that employees will open and read the email because it comes from someone they personally know. Of course, you have to pay attention to its design to make it as engaging and easy-to-digest as possible. 

Take a look at this Venngage newsletter design for inspiration:


Lets Employees Know What is Going on

Employees want to know that their bosses care about them and their progress within the company. No one wants to feel in the dark when it comes to what’s going on in their work environment. Understandably, some issues should remain confidential while things are under the process of getting resolved. Still, an employee-wide newsletter every month can sufficiently update everyone on current company issues, situations, and opportunities.

Keeps People Engaged

No one wants to work at a place that is boring and unengaging. Some people come to work with the mindset of tolerating the job until something better comes along. That’s why some people can go years without having enthusiasm for their jobs and merely performing the bare minimum every day. 

But if your employees are kept in the know about what is going on, they will be more engaged. They will like they are part of the solution rather than just another face in the building that takes up space. You can further up this game by incorporating engaging newsletter layouts like this Venngage template:


Builds Trust

Sending employees newsletters about company changes helps them understand the direction the company is going. After all, every employee wants to feel that they can trust their employer. As such, it’s critical to ensure they’re aware of what’s going on at all times. It builds trust and opens the line of communication in voicing out concerns without fear of retaliation.

Boosts Morale

As mentioned, it’s no fun working in a company that has low morale. One way to combat this is through effective communication. When employees feel heard rather than ignored or kept in the dark, it boosts their morale and motivation. For example, imagine receiving a newsletter directly from senior management. It allows employees to know that the management is taking their concerns seriously and cares about their opinion. 

Keeps Everyone Up-to-Date

Even minute changes can heavily affect company teams and departments. A monthly newsletter concerning new procedures, policies, and products keeps everyone up-to-date with all new company activities. It’s a way to ensure that everyone knows what they need to know at the right time. Below is a simple yet substantial company newsletter layout:


Planning Meetings

Meetings are an essential part of running any company. Nothing can get done without agreeing and finding a compromise in a pressing business concern. Planning these meetings is now easier using regular company newsletters. Some newsletter examples for this specific purpose may include the meeting brief, previous discussions, and solution presentations.

Better Work-Life Balance

Just because management is sending out newsletters doesn’t mean they’re at their desk 24 hours a day! You can schedule the time of sending these emails ahead of time for an optimized work-life balance. Furthermore, these newsletters can contain topics on the subject to encourage employees to spend time for themselves.

Going Paperless

Trying to go green? You can save a significant amount of trees from getting cut down when you send your monthly newsletters electronically. You can simply attach a PDF document directly to the email and send it out to employees. There are multiple ways to get creative with an email newsletter while going paperless!

Venngage: A Newsletter Creator for All Your Company Needs

It’s important to remind employees what makes your brand different from the rest of the competition. Taking inspiration from the newsletter examples above, you can create one that resonates with your company! 

An engaging newsletter will help keep everyone part of your company on track and in line with your vision. What are you waiting for? Try out Venngage’s newsletter creator today!

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