What is Google Mirror and How to Use It?

The multi-national company, Google, provides many services besides its famous search engine and cloud applications. We use the search engine to track the information down and the cloud to store the data and media. Apart from these, google also has some unique features and fun activities. Google’s easter eggs are famous for a reason too. People get to find its special features now and then. Online users explore a lot of these easter eggs frequently, and here we go about one of those:

What is an Easter Egg?

An Easter egg is an artificial egg or a hidden feature that is not available for every user but a few explorers. People should have experience using online applications and browsers to check and explore those features. It is a feature in the software, and also it is undocumented. It is different and unique too. These are just an appendix to the browser. Not essential but present. Most of them are just experiments that many developers design. In general, language, hidden or extra features available anywhere, including persons, characters, and details, are called an Easter egg, including computer software. These are also called Paschal eggs. These reveal through a separate set of actions.

What is Google Mirror?

Google Mirror is an Easter egg available online. It is fun to experiment with and is different from other Easter eggs. In this Google Mirror, the screen tilted as a mirror language. The words will be present, like seeing an original home page in the mirror. It is a mirror representation of the original home page. It’s good, and you should give it a try. Experimenting with Easter eggs is a fun activity for many full-stack developers, web developers, and ordinary users in regular. It is worth trying. You can see its design and the way it is available for the users.

Who made a Google Mirror?

A new scientist and software engineer Max Braun developed Google mirror. It has a past story related to China and its internet restrictions. However, the google employee created and set the google mirror Easter egg solely for experimenting and entertaining purposes. Many stories are related to the Easter egg online. Still, the prominent one stands as it creates after getting inspired by the science fiction movie “The 6th Day.”, where a character named Schwarzenegger uses a mirror that gives him a birthday greeting and also presents his day-to-day schedule to him.

How to open Google Mirror?

These are the steps to open Google Mirror easter egg on your laptop:

  1. Open your browser and type ‘Google Mirror’ in the search bar of the home page.
  2. Click enter once you type
  3. You will see a page with various links.
  4. Click on the top link, which has no sponsored quote mentioned.
  5. Once you click the link, you can see a change on the screen.
  6. You will enter into Google Mirror easter egg which is similar to the google home page yet different.
  7. Then you can see the Google home page of the easter egg feature rotating first to the left and taking 180 degrees of rotation.
  8. You can see a mirror screen of the google home page very clearly now.
  9. You can have fun reading the mirror images and texts.
  10. Type whatever you want and use it as a regular google search page until you have fun.

Why is Google Mirror created?

Google Mirror is a creation of a mirror representation of a regular google home page. It is designed and developed just for the act of experimenting and entertainment. It is an Easter egg which itself says it is an appendix to the already existing and evolving features of google. It doesn’t hold any importance or difference from Google’s regular features and services. It is the same if it exists or doesn’t for both the company and all the users.

Steps to close Google Mirror?

Most of us know how to open a mirror, but how to close the Easter egg? Once you have fun experimenting with a google mirror, you can click on the cross button on the right corner of your screen or open a side tab and close the page with the google mirror.

Are any changes going to happen in your computer if you open a google mirror?

No changes will occur on your computer; it is entirely safe and secure. The google mirror was always available on your laptop or computer in your browser. Google just hid it until you discovered it. Once you find it out, there is no hiding back. It’s just an appendix feature of the google browser. Don’t use any random link to open google mirror. You can use the top link on the tab after opening the google mirror page.

Can I open google mirror in any browser?

Yes, you can open your google mirror in any of the browsers available. However, only if it connects to your google account. There is no compulsory only to use of Google Chrome or other restrictions.

What is ‘elgooG’?

The ‘elgooG.im’ is the URL for the google mirror online. If you can’t find the correct link enter this ‘elgooG.im’ on your search bar, and you can see google mirror then. And the word.’elgooG’ is derived from the mirror image of the word google.

Online users are bored of regular Easter egg experiments. Software employees and many other developers are one of the best examples. If you want to explore something new, you should try it now if they haven’t already—any new users who have never tried any Easter eggs before. Google has a wide range of Easter eggs available on its platform. It’s just that we have to start exploring all these hidden features and start experimenting. It’s enjoyable to work to do so. If you want to know more, please refer to the URL ‘elgooG‘ so you can directly experiment. As mentioned above, there are no drawbacks, so feel free to explore. Try it now and refer your friends and family too. Have a great day!

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