Google Spaces – Everything You Need to Know

Google is the world’s most popular search engine and cloud services company. It provides various services through various platforms. From the search engine browser to google pay, it expanded well in the market. The main target for any company will be the customer. To fulfill a person’s tech needs is what a company like Google will concentrate on for a better future.

Everything is perfect until you diversify and expand your business. Google has been following that all along. There has been a massive change in google’s work in the last two decades. We must say Sundar Pichai did a great job of improving the functions and features of the company. He launched many new applications in the market too. Pichai was an active employee from the beginning. From the moment Pichai joined the company. He constantly evolved with a beautiful journey of his own. It is inspiring and impressive.

What is Google Spaces?

Google Spaces is one of the applications created by Google in the last few years. Google Spaces is a social service that can help with many innovative solutions, and it is an excellent app for conversations professionally. It is effortless to use, and Google is a user-friendly company. Also, It is available both as a mobile app and a desktop app. It is straightforward to share things with the groups. But we must know how to use it first. Google announces a set of new products, initiatives, and services every frequently time. It’s good that they keep updating themselves for a better purpose to evolve in the market and sustain a long-term goal. The catch-up products and instant applications are google’s launching apps. The best and unique product that google found is Google Spaces.

At first, there was a very high criticism of the application. People wondered why to relaunch a new social service app when they already have google+ and google hangouts. Was it necessary to launch a new social app than the already available sources in the market? But people didn’t notice the difference even if they wondered about it. There were many differences between google hangouts and google spaces. Google Hangouts is like a friendly social service app, but google spaces deal more with a set of people than a single person.

It’s highly like a professional chatting application. It helps to share things more efficiently than any other social servicing app. It is understandable people’s concern, too, as there were already many applications available on the internet to download, and they had an add-on to it. Also, they need clarification about the newly launched application in the market by Google when they had 2-3 similar applications already.

Many users complained about issues like unusual user interface, difficulties finding the threads, sharing options, and many more. But yet another set of people say nothing is perfect in an app, and google spaces provide comfort to a few features like no other application does that easily. It’s ideal for holding a specific set of conversations on Google Spaces. There were many aggressive comments online too. People wrote words like “yet another social app” mockingly. They are the people who missed the central features of the application and needed to be made aware of it. This application is online, unlike other social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

The sole purpose of all these online social applications is to share pictures and videos and maintain a social life among the public. But Google Spaces is different from all of these, and it has a different set of features compared to these. We can use Google Spaces anytime, anywhere, just like any other online application. We can use it once a minute or once a year; no charges will apply, and neither will your account be disabled.

It is similar to the slack app we have these days. We use it for official purposes; we share media and data we need to share with our work groups and threads in the application, even though Google Spaces is similar to Slack but highly valuable than it. Spaces connected to all the google services like sheets, sites, slides, forms, and drive. It becomes much easier to share all the necessary media with the spaces in the application than with any other social app.

The best thing about Google Spaces is you don’t need to sign in, as it’s already connected to your Google account. You can directly click on continue with google. You don’t need to remember your username and password separately, like on Facebook and Instagram. The Gmail account password is enough to do all the login procedures if anytime required in the future.

You will have the option to create your own space. You can send invites or accept invitations to form a Google space. Also, You can then participate in the space conversations. You can see that option in google chats available easily. You can click on the “create a space” option available to create a space. There will be two space views; the first is a space view like a chatting application on the left side of the desktop screen. Like Slack, the posts, notifications, and comments appear with bubbles.

The following view is of an activity view, a stream that is entirely like a social media application with threads and comments. Like many other apps, you have no limit to writing a certain number of words. You can initiate as much as you want. We can share links, articles, documents, pictures, and videos and share everything at a place in Google Spaces. People get together and have their conversations easily. Google spaces are available on all android and ios mobiles. As mentioned, you will send or receive invites, and the app will notify you.

Google Spaces is a productivity app allowing people to collaborate for various purposes. We can also post (images or videos) whatever we want in these spaces. We can group chat and talk individually too. Also, We can use it according to our preferences and allow people according to our liking.

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