How Do You Backup Gmail Emails with Attachments on Mac OS?

Gmail is a Google-provided free email service. It is used by millions of users worldwide as it provides several great user-friendly features. Google Maps, Hangouts, contacts, calendar, and drive are some of them which have been in high demand nowadays. But do not forget the fact that, like any other email service, it is not safe and secure all the time. That’s the reason users need to backup Gmail emails on macOS.

Losing data from your Gmail can be costly for you. Many of us store our email data of Gmail accounts related to the organization, business, and any other personal data we would never want to lose. To know the process to take Gmail backup, continue to the blog.

We can back up our Gmail emails in several ways. But before that, let us know why we should backup Gmail data for the Mac system.

Why is it Necessary to Take Backup of Gmail?

The main objective is to keep our Gmail account as safe as possible to have all the Gmail backup data. Hackers are all around the world looking for your account mistakes so that they can hack your account. Sometimes it is also possible that you will not have access to your Gmail account. 

And in that case, you might even need to delete your Gmail account to take action. To get rid of all these, we will talk about several methods to take Google Gmail backup on Mac.

Methods to Backup Gmail Emails on MacOS

There are various methods mentioned below to export your Gmail email data in your system. Some methods are free available manual methods and another is the use of Gmail Backup Tool for Mac to download Gmail backup. Let us have a look at them one by one:

Method 1: Backup your Gmail emails using Google Takeout

Google takeout is one of the best programs that allow you to import a copy of the data from Google products such as Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar to your computer. This feature is useful when a user only wants to export a few emails with attachments. To know How Do You Backup Gmail Emails to the computer. Now, Follow these steps on your Mac PC:

  1. Open Google takeout from the browser address field. If you have already logged in to your account, the Google takeout screen appears immediately. (Log in first if not logged in).
Backup Gmail Emails
  1. To see the list of data that you can back up with the utility, use the right-hand scroll bar. You’ll be able to see all of the different types of data you have access to through your Google account. Here, select Gmail to backup Gmail emails.
Backup Gmail Emails with Attachments
  1. Step one is to select or deselect the program which you want to back up using the select box as per your need. Like, choose Contact if it is Gmail contact backup
  1. Click the Next Step button on the lower right of the screen once you’ve done choosing data types to backup Gmail emails or contacts. 
Backup Gmail Emails with Attachments
  1. Now, the screen Customize export format appears. Step two is to select types from the following for your export.

Frequency: Select the appropriate choice from the list if you want to Export once or Export every two months for one year. 

File type and size: Your archive file’s default file form is .zip. To select the .tgz file form, use the down arrow. The maximum file size archive is 50GB. You can choose one of the given file sizes by clicking the down arrow.

Delivery Method: Choose from an email download page, a Google Drive file, a Dropbox file, or a OneDrive file by clicking the down button.

Backup Gmail Emails
  • When you have finished selecting your export format options, click the Create Export button in the lower right corner. Wait until the process gets done then you will get an email soon.

That is how you can backup Gmail account data on macOS using Google takeout. Well, this process can take a longer time than you expected. Let us get into the next one.

Method 2: Backup Gmail to Hard Drive of Mac PC

Suppose your Gmail account has a large number of emails and is full of space. To keep all the data safe, you need to move them to another location like the Hard drive of your Mac system. Due to the restricted 15 GB of free space, it is advised to backup Gmail emails because when Gmail becomes very large, services may not function properly, increasing the risk of data loss. Follow the steps given below for the same:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account using your User ID and Password.
  2. Open the Gmail email you’d like to save on your external hard drive.
  3. Press the Print All button in the top-right corner.
  4. A popup window will appear in front of you after you press the Print All button.
  5. Now you must adjust the settings to fit your needs before clicking Print.
  6. You’ll see the Save As window pop up.
  7. In the Save As type area, select PDF, and then click the Save Button.
  8. You can copy and paste the email onto your external hard drive when you’ve saved it to your computer.

Method 3: Backup Gmail Emails to Outlook

If you want to export Gmail mailboxes to another email account, follow up the below steps if you have an Outlook account:

  1. Go to your account and sign in. Then, from the drop-down menu, select View all Outlook settings from the Setting gear icon.
  2. Select Gmail, and then Sync Email.
  3. Type the display name whatever you want to choose.
  4. To import your emails from Gmail, select Connect your Google account and create a new folder for the imported emails. Press OK.
  5. Select the Gmail account from which you’ll be importing all of your emails into Microsoft Outlook.
  6. Click the Next Button after entering your Gmail account credentials.
  7. If asked for authentication, select Allow and close the Configuration Windows.

After you’ve imported all of your Gmail emails into Outlook, you can save them as a PST file on your computer. Then you can copy the PST file to your external hard drive to save Gmail emails.

We have now seen various ways to manually back up Gmail emails. Well, if your data is large, manual methods can take a lot of your time. To overcome this, you can go for a professional tool. Mac Gmail Backup Tool is a reliable utility that backs up all your Gmail emails and saves them to any hard drive from your system or your Gmail account. It allows you to backup Gmail emails in multiple file formats and without any data loss.


In this blog, we have seen various manual methods for how to archive G Suite account data on macOS. We discussed each method in step by step manner. Now it is totally up to you which method you select to backup Gmail emails on Mac. Thanks for reading this blog. I hope it solves your Mac Gmail backup query. For Tech related updates, visit this blog regularly.

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