The 5 Most Important Features of CRM Software

Are you looking for the best strategy to manage and analyze customer interactions? 

Well, from small organizations to big firms,  (Customer Relationship Management) CRM software helps every entrepreneur to build loyalty with their customers. Not only this, CRM even offers marketing automation, lead management features and keeps the track of client’s project detail. 

Customers are an asset to a company and every business owner must focus on building good interaction with them. Therefore, CRM software helps you do that! 

However, an effective solution comes with tremendous benefits and features that take business organizations to the next level. With great research and thorough study, we have curated the-

Top 5 CRM Software Features

Third-party Integration 

To make your work life hassle-free, businesses can advantageously work with third-party integrations. Well, the motive of this feature is to facilitate easy compatibility with the software you are using. 

Simplify your life with CRM Third-party Integration- 

  • With this, you need not to work manually. The POS system and accounting software help sync sales and order information in no time. 
  • Backup and sync data with Dropbox, Box. sync, and other popular cloud backup storage services. 
  • To save your time and money, make sure to function CRM software directly from Outlook, Gmail, or other email clients. It will help you get rid of switching between applications. 
  • The CRM software automatically builds an email list and launches email marketing campaigns. By doing this, you will not have to open both at the same time. 

Employee Performance Tracking 

In short, CRM software is the best and the simplest way to keep an eye on employees’ productivity. 

The system helps staff members individually check their- 

  • Goals and objectives
  • Measure performances 
  • Sales commissions
  • Completion of tasks 

Well, the software also provides access to the dashboard to senior authorities and upper staff management that lets them know about employees’ productivity and their objectives. 

However, managers can easily rate their performance (write reviews), provide remuneration, and keep track of the areas where improvements are required. 

Lead Management 

This feature in CRM software plays a vital role. With the help of the lead management process, you can easily increase your leads and if required, you can pass it on to the other staff members of your team to convert leads into customers. 

However, lead management is recognized as the central component of CRM software that allows you to identify sales rates.

Lead management helps to inform the staff members about the process and strategies that help to increase leads conversions.

And with this, CRM software comes into play. With several features and functionalities, the CRM software helps you to manage everything from the scratch. However, from contact management to sales forecasting, it becomes possible for you to handle everything. 

Customers Data Management

The feature speaks about the process of collecting, managing, and analyzing customer data from various sources. With the use of the right software, you can easily gather other basic information. 

Therefore, CRM helps businesses improve their marketing efficiency which is the biggest reason for its implementation. 

Your CRM database must include the following customer’s information-

  • Customer name, title, contact details, and email address
  • The date and time info of the last conversation between you and your client
  • Lead sources and their scores
  • Information about customer order and their spendings
  • Their recent website visits
  • Other personal information including hobbies, birthdays, and their pet name. 

Reports or Analytics 

Collecting data is important because it helps you to make better decisions about marketing, communications, and products/services you are providing to the customers. 

This feature is vital because the entire results of sales and marketing efforts come from here. 

The report types include-

  • Number of leads in a specific duration
  • Sales generation amount in a particular time
  • Identify the closed leads and amount of leads that were closed
  • Number of outbound calls existed
  • Identify the stage at which your leads converted

The Bottom Line 

It is difficult to keep an eye on your business while you are away with CRM software. Hence, to keep a track of your customer data, measuring employee performance, and collecting necessary reports on leads, CRM software is important 

At last, CRM is the fuel that makes your business run effectively and productively.

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