Role of Data Scientists – What Scopes Does it Have?

Today, the role of data scientists plays a vital part in many companies. Big Data is an integral part of the future, and there is no doubt about that. Even though it might seem like a fad to some, but it will be here for a while. In this article, I will discuss what role a company should give to a data scientist and other related things.

Data science has been changing the way businesses are structured from Google to Facebook. Hire someone with salesforce devops certification. With its popularity growing day by day, let’s discuss what is expected from each one of these roles:

1) The business analyst: In any data-driven domain, business analysts play an essential role as they help create models which indicate specific patterns. They also help work on various algorithms which are used in the data science field.

2) The data engineer: It is one of the essential roles of a data scientist. This person helps choose the best algorithms to use, depending on the problem they are trying to solve. They help set up databases and make them more efficient for further processing.

3) Model designer: They have two types of models they work on: Supervised learning and unsupervised learning. Here, supervised learning refers to predicting an output variable, whereas unsupervised learning refers to finding hidden patterns in your dataset. For example, if you are trying to find out who cheated in a game by analyzing their moves, here you will be working with unsupervised learning, as there is no output variable. On the other hand, if you are trying to make a model predict whether a patient will survive or not, here you will be working with supervised learning as the target is ‘survived or died.’

4) The visualizer: Visualization is inevitable when it comes to data science. Data scientists use statistical computing languages like R, Python, etc. which takes time for coding. The role of a visualizer is to take these raw data and visualize them into an understandable form (includes pictures, graphs, charts, etc.)

5) The business strategist: This person should understand what business problems they need to solve. They work directly with analysts and model designers to develop the best possible model that solves the business problem such as Business Intelligence at hand.

6) The communicator: Data scientists need to understand how things work and what others do in a company. Hence, they should be able to communicate appropriately with all team members of a company.

7) The expert: These people have more knowledge on how things can be done better. They help other team members if required and also share their experiences on new technologies that might come up.

Now that we know about the different roles of a data scientist, let’s take an example from Amazon: Amazon has divisions for its employees:-

– Technology: It is mainly responsible for designing new services or improving existing services by taking care of servers etc.  (Data engineers)

– Personalization: This team is responsible for suggesting new products based on your browsing history. They feed the data through an algorithm that helps determine what kind of product you would want to buy.  (Business analysts)

– Bezos mumbo jumbo: It has two divisions within itself:-

a) Amazon marketplace

b) Amazon web services

It’s a bunch of people who are working together. If you consider them as one entity, they may fit in the role of ‘the communicator. ‘The entire group works with each other to improve their division. They also help communicate with others about problems within themselves or any issues with other teams.

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