Microsoft Outlook vs Outlook Express – Get a Comparison at Glance

Trace the difference between MS Outlook vs Outlook Express is really very difficult. But we can differentiate them by their features and usage. MS Outlook and Outlook Express both Microsoft’s products specially designed for desktop-based emailing for office usage. This MS office product includes features like task manager, journals, calendars, notes, etc., which help performing office tasks smoothly. Outlook is meant to be used alone and help the business user with multiple tasks. The selection of one out of these two can be made on the basis of usage. If you want a reliable and effective emailing option for your business, you must go for MS Outlook. But if you’re looking for the best option for your home, then Outlook Express is the best for you. However, there are other differences we will highlight in this article. So let’s begin!

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Comparison Outlook vs Outlook Express 

To clear all your confusion, I am writing this article where I am going to highlight the most common differences between Outlook and Outlook Express. Undoubtedly, Outlook is best for email communication and email marketing for business and home users. So, I created this article to explain the differences between Outlook and Outlook Express clearly.

MS Outlook: 

MS Outlook is one of the most used MS office applications for office use. It is a premier email option and one-stop station for all your office work. It’s a stand-alone application that works well with Internet Explorer 5.5. Outlook also provides other features, including calendars, contact management, newsletters, journals, etc., that makes this client perfect for office use. Its user-friendliness and reach make communication more smooth and share information more effectively. 

MS Outlook Express: 

MS Outlook Express is the more advanced version of the Outlook email client best for home use. It provides users an attractive but the most effective communication platform via emails. MS Outlook Express is a Microsoft internet explorer 4.x and 5.x edition and can work smoothly on window 2000. The other most interesting feature of Outlook Express is that you can easily access their email client by just dialing into a home Internet service provider (ISP).

Key differences of Outlook vs Outlook Express: 

  • If you’re finding a trusted email communication platform, then Outlook Express client is the best option for you, whereas Outlook is more reliable for office use. 
  • You can also use Outlook from the Microsoft Office and Microsoft exchange server, but Outlook Express email clients directly from your windows operating system. 
  • Integrations are most important if you want to convey your message more effectively, no matter where you’re working. Outlook and Outlook Express are loaded with other integrations such as calendars, contact management, journals, newsletters to make your communication more effective. Whereas, Outlook Express is only best for emailing and doesn’t support any additional integration.
  • Microsoft Outlook does not provide you with internet news and mails, but this is not the case with Outlook Express. It supports internet news, and mail also does not have a large group of features. 
  • You can store email and messages into your mailbox in Outlook, but this feature is not available in Outlook Express. It does not store your emails and messages in the mailbox. 
  • The unique feature of Outlook is you can combine Outlook with products like MS Word. With the help of this, you can merge your email with MS word. But with Outlook Express, you can’t enjoy interacting with other MS Office programs or products.
  • Outlook support file format .pst and Outlook Express support file format .dbx. 

Which is the best option for you?

Outlook Express: If your work is limited and you’re looking for an easy-to-use, more reliable solution, Outlook Express is best for you. It provides you with an easy emailing solution on your PC without any external notification and interference. 

You can use Outlook Express on your system directly on Microsoft Internet Explorer. It’s a perfect solution for small business to medium size companies. But if you want to explore its more advanced features, then I recommend you choose MS Outlook. 

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MS Outlook: MS Outlook is a one-stop solution for a home or a business user. It serves almost all types of business types, is loaded with exciting features, and provides complete mailing solutions for big and small businesses. You can easily use MS Outlook in your windows 8, windows 7, windows 10 without moving towards a lower version of windows. It offers more advanced emailing standards and discussions group functionality. You can also enjoy the perks of other interesting features of MS Outlook, including direct merge with MS words, enabling calendar, newsletters, journals while emailing. I hope now you know what you’re looking for, which is the best option for your business needs. 

Logging on with 

You can get access to Outlook by logging in with Windows and Microsoft office. For this, you just need to create an account the first time. All your personal details of your account will go to windows cloud. Here you can create your personalized account with you to get access to Outlook and Outlook Express. Your personal details of the account will go to the windows cloud, and always ask to log in and password every time you will open Outlook. It encrypts your data and offers a secure communications medium. 


Gone are the days when we had to rely on any power medium for email platforms like Gmail. Now you have two most reliable and trusted email solutions that empower the business with solid communication, i.e., MS Outlook vs Outlook Express. Email marketing also becomes easy with Outlook. And if you’re searching for a more personalized solution for your business, then MS Outlook Express is also here for you. Both have their pros and cons, so if you want to go for one, you must consider the factors given above while choosing one. I hope you find this information helpful, and if you have something to add to this article or suggestions, comment below. We always look at each comment. 

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