What is BKF File and How to Recover & Restore it?

Starting with the introduction of the BKF files, BKF means backup files. Files that are most commonly associated with the Windows Backup Utility tool. This tool was included with the Windows NT and Windows XP Pro operating systems. The BKF files used by these operating systems contain a catalog of files that have been backed up with the utility. If the data on a user’s computer becomes corrupt, overwritten, or erased, the BKF file can then be used to restore the information on the user’s system. But sometimes BKF files themselves got corrupted.

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And users encounter problems which are written below :

  • How to recover BKF file?
  • What is the best way to restore BKF file?
  • How to open BKF files in Windows 10?
  • How to open BKF file?

In this article, we are going to discuss the techniques to recover and restore the BKF file in Windows. Moreover, you will also get the knowledge about BKF file.

Possible Reasons for the Corruption of the BKF File

To save it for the sake of risk, backup is a great way. But when the Backup itself got corrupted it can be a nightmare to anyone. 

There could be a number of reasons for corruption of the BKF file such as:

  • Might be Disk got Crash: At the time disk got crash it is possible that your BKF data was in that disk. In such a case it is required to repair the BKF file to get back all your data in the previous state.
  • Virus Attack. This could make the backup difficult process. So, it is required to recover a corrupt BKF file.
  • Insecure Application Use: If the backup application is untrusted or not that good then it can lead to a poor quality backup file that can easily get corrupt. 
  • Improper Shutdown.  An improper system shutdown can cause loss to the system files that can also make BKF corrupt or inaccessible.

How to Recover and Restore BKF files?

The method of recover and restoring the BKF files is divided into two parts follows as:

  • Creating the Restore Point using Control Panel.
  1. In the Start menu type Control Panel.
  2. Select System in Control Panel.
  3. Select the System Protection.
  4. Choose the System Protection tab and then Create.
  5. Give a description in the System Protection dialog box, and then click on the Create button.
  6. You will encounter a small System Protection info box with a progress bar and the text “Creating a restore point”.
Restore BKF file
  1. After that, you’ll get a “The restore point was created successfully” notification.
Restore BKF file
  1. Select the file, history, and click on the restore your files with the file to open Windows backup files. 
  • Procedure to Restore recovered BKF files by using NTbackup Tool.
  1. Start with Download the Windows NT Backup Restore Utility from any server, After the successful downloading Install it in your system.
  2. Search for the setup of NT Backup Restore utility which is NTBackup.exe  then Right-click on it and select Run as Administrator.
  1. After that, you will encounter a popup message for Removable Storage Not Running, then click OK.
  1. Now, you will see Welcome to the Backup or Restore Wizard, Click Next.
  1. After that, you will find two options. Select Restore files and settings from these two, then click Next.
  1. Click on Browse in the “What to Restore” screen and then locate the BKF file you want to restore.
Restore BKF file
  1. Expand the Items to Restore from the left-hand window and then select the files which you want to restore and click Next.
Restore BKF file
  1. Now you will see a screen in which click on the Advanced button .then from Restore files the drop-down selects an Alternate location.
  1. In Restore files to drop-down and select Alternate location. From Alternate location field, mention the path where you want to save it and click Next.
  1. In How to Restore, select “Leave existing file ” and then click Next.
  1. Now configure the Restore Options as shown in the figure.
  1. On Backup or Restore Wizard, click Next and Finish to complete the Backup wizard.
Restore BKF file
  1. When this process completes, the NTBackup utility will restore your files and folders.

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You can try any of these two techniques that suit you best. Hope this article is quite helpful and solved your problem regarding How to Restore BKF file?.

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