5 Types of Videos You Can Use to Promote Your Business

Unable to drive engagement on the content is one of the most common roadblocks that many marketers actually face. Almost every brand has a website, therefore being at the top of the crowd seems like an impossible task. 

Do you also think the same? If yes, then you need to familiarize yourself with the term videos. Video content has the power to entice the audience and level up your marketing game. 

Sharing thoughts through videos is one of the easiest ways to educate people, tell brand stories, entertain people, and many more.

Indeed, grabbing audience attention is a huge task for marketers, but sharing the right video type at the right time on the right platform can actually help you in promoting the brand without putting in much effort. 

If I am not wrong, then you might be thinking about which video type can perform really well for your business. If so, then this blog will help you in understanding different types of videos that can work really well for your business.

Types of Videos that used to promote business

Let’s begin… 

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are one of the most accepted types of videos that allow you to share complex concepts and help visitors to solve the problem. The primary objective of this educational content is to explain something in an engaging way.

According to the statistics, 85% of the people make the decision to purchase the thing after watching an explainer video. You can leverage professional-quality videos at different places to show visitors a solution to their problems.

If you promote your business through explainer videos, then people will trust your products/services more. Also, adding a call to action at the end of the explainer video will help you get more information about the viewers. 

So, if you want your company name to be at the top of searches, then you can create animated explainer videos. You can always get in touch with a video production agency to get a professional video. 

Product Video

Another video type that can help you sell your product or service easily is product videos. This particular type of video will help you in increasing your visitor’s time and increase the chances of conversion. 

In this product video, you can easily showcase the product features along with their benefits. This type of video is beneficial for the brands that launch new products or services and want to focus on the audience that is in the awareness or consideration stage. 

Testimonial videos 

Testimonial video can also be used to attract new audiences and sell your brand. Through this video style, you can showcase to people the success and enthusiasm of the existing customers. Their experience will definitely inspire other audiences to use your product or avail your service. 

Testimonial videos excite new and best customers towards your brand. Remember, once you get your happy clients, then you can easily utilize their experience while facing their queries. 

Onboarding videos

Making people understand the ins and outs of an organization is essential, but explaining them easily and professionally. But all thanks to onboarding videos.

Creating onboarding videos can allow you to make people feel more comfortable and understand the culture of the company. By using this video style, you can allow the customers to know in-depth about the product. 

Welcoming participants through onboarding videos will allow you to polish each message and showcase the content in a more professional way. So, if you want to be more valuable, then you can also utilize onboarding video with onboarding video. 

Promotional Video

A promotional video is another video style that you can use to promote your brand. It would not be wrong to consider promotional videos just as personal video invitations. No matter whether you are inviting guests to the webinar, conference, etc., promotional videos can surely pitch the visitors to your event. 

Through promotional videos, you can give a brief to your viewers and promote your brand without putting in much time and effort. 

Well! Convincing people to attend the conference is not a cakewalk. But promotional videos can make your audience learn and book a ticket at the end. 

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In a Crux

Every video has its own benefit. You just need to understand which video style is right for your business. Thus, before you make the selection, you need to analyze your campaigns. Most video formats can be costly, so you need to be very conscious while making the decision. 

Hopefully, the above information will help you in deciding which type of video is beneficial for your brand. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready and create videos. 

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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