What Is Google Analytics And Why It’s Important For Your Business?

Today, everyone’s so busy driving traffic to their websites that they neglect the importance of checking the coming quality. Besides the number of visitors, you are also required to keep a tap on the time each of them is spending on your website, the most visited page, the page that has the slightest checking, and other parameters. 

All these checks sum up into a tremendous and SEO-friendly website. And, to help you analyze your website traffic, there is a free web analytics tool developed by Google, named Google Analytics. Let us know in detail what the Google Analytics tool is all about and why it is essential for your business.  

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics offers enormous scope to boost your digital presence because your website is the epicenter of your existence in the digital world. Whatever digital marketing activities you run on any platform, your visitors will visit your website at least once while they’re on their journey. 

Furthermore, your website serves as the best medium to give you a holistic view of how effective your marketing campaigns have been. And, with a tool, like Google Analytics, you can effectively measure the effectiveness of your digital campaigns. Google Analytics is nearly used by more than 50 million websites across the globe. This figure might make you wonder what exceptional service this tool offers that has so many users worldwide. How about learning it by yourself?

Working Pattern Of Google Analytics

Google Analytics’ working pattern is simple:

  1. It enters several lines of tracking code into your website’s code.
  2. This code assists the website in recording various activities that your visitors do when they visit your website and attributes of those visitors, such as gender, age, interest, etc.
  3. After the visitor has exited your website, it transmits all the recorded information to the Google Analytics server.

In the next step, Google Analytics accumulates the data gathered from your website in several ways, but mainly by the following four levels:

  • User Level, which relates to actions by each visitor.
  • Session Level, which relates to each visit.
  • Pageview Level, relating to every single page visited.
  • Event Level, which refers to video views, button clicks, etc.

Kinds of Data Available on Google Analytics and How They Are Useful to Your Business?

From Google Analytics, you can get two types of Data For A Search Network Campaign, viz:

  1. User Acquisition Data, which is data about your visitors before they visit your site, and
  1. User Behavior Data, which is data about your visitors when they visit your site.
  • User Acquisition Data: 

Data on your visitors’ demographics, such as their gender, interests, and age, is accessible even before visiting your website. Data, like where your users are coming from, i.e., platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google search, other websites, etc., are also available for your use. Such data is helpful because you get to know which user channel and group you need to target more by seeing them. 

These traits of your website visitors, viz the media channel they frequently visit, and the information on their demographics are natural to the visitors themselves. So there is hardly anything that you can do to change these features of theirs. 

So what if you cannot change these innate attributes of your users? However, what lies in your hands is choosing specific user groups on the internet who possess the features you want to target. 

If you run targeted ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other popular digital platforms, you can easily attract users to come to your website. The user acquisition data is helpful as a guide that shows you where to direct your digital marketing activities and strategies.

  • User Behavior Data: 

As you know that user behavior data are gathered at the time of a visitor’s session on your website, the word “user behavior” specifically includes:

  • The time duration for which the visitor stayed on your website.
  • What was the first and the last page they visited on your website?
  • The general pathway through which they move around your website.

The plus point of user behavior data is that it can be changed or modified by the changes you make on your website. So what is essential here is to identify those pages where your visitors often get stuck, which you can do by using several analyses. 

By solving issues on these troubling pages on your website, you can significantly enhance your visitors’ user experience and a smooth journey when they visit these pages, which will be helpful for you in converting them to paying customers with negligible friction.

User behavior data act as a guiding compass for you to improvise your website and make more visitors convert, sign up for a newsletter, or purchase your products/services.

The Ending Note

We hope that the above guide on Google Analytics has successfully made you understand how important and valuable this tool is. So, make the most of the tool and learn helpful information about the traffic coming to your website.   

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