Why Are People Excited About Cryptocurrencies?

The material world is gradually adapting itself into the digital world as time runs forward. Surprisingly enough for a visitor from the past, but not today, we have a digital alternative for currency. The world of cryptocurrency has the world stunned and bouncing off the walls for its consecutive disruptive actions in the coming days. 

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies usable on an electronic device like a computer, smartphone, and tablet. A user can use cryptocurrencies for payment and other necessary regular transactions. Money is also considered an asset.

Since the last few years, cryptocurrency gas has successfully pushed the global economy towards a digital ecosystem. Its flexibility in the worldwide market and fluidity in faster transactions makes the global economy interested in it. 

The various features that cryptocurrencies have to make people excited about it. This article talks about the multiple features and advantages of cryptocurrencies that excite people.   

What Is Cryptocurrency? 

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that resides in the decentralized blockchain network and uses cryptography to secure itself. There is no central authority like a government or bank that issues cryptocurrencies. This fact makes it immune to government enforcement and manipulation.

There are many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, altcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Peercoin, etc. 

Why Are People Excited About Cryptos? 

There are many reasons why cryptocurrencies are so popular and why people are so excited about them. Here are some of them- 

Highly Encrypted

As I said earlier, cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, a network that spreads across multiple computers. The reason was to ensure the record of transactions in a public ledger. In addition, the blockchain network encrypts the identities of the owners for keeping records. This high-end security makes cryptocurrency a fraud-proof currency.

You Have The Authority

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized currencies, meaning there is no governance of any issuing authority like banks or governments. The absence of government or any other issuing authority makes it easier and freer to use. Since the government cannot interfere, the currency belongs to the owner.

Banks Are Allowing Transactions In Many Countries

Although banks around the globe were primarily opposed to the use of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin. But, after the covid-19 pandemic, many banks are open to utilizing many cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. This change made people rely on cryptocurrencies more. 

Low Fees 

One of many reasons for the popularity of cryptocurrencies is that their use costs the users meager fees. The use of other online transactions of traditional currencies comes with larger fees. Many users find the advantage of paying low fees during transactions interesting. They also find online payments by the cryptocurrency as a secure payment option.

Price is hiking

To many, cryptocurrency is a way to make a profit, which is why people are excited about cryptocurrency. If someone buys bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies when the price is comparably low, they can certainly profit when the price rises again. Thus, many investors have gained immense profit after a certain period of their investment.

Gaining Acceptance & Easy To Use

With many companies and websites accepting cryptocurrencies as payments, the use of cryptocurrencies is growing. And it is becoming an easier and familiar mode of payment and transaction. The extensive use of cryptocurrencies nowadays makes it even more prevalent in the upcoming future. 

There are many places where cryptocurrency debit cards are available. Although it has not spread worldwide, people’s curiosity makes it an opportunity to look forward to. 

The growing knowledge among people regarding bitcoin mining, blockchain network, and other cryptocurrency-related terms makes it even more promising for the future. No wonder people are excited about cryptocurrency.

Faster Transaction

The transaction speed of cryptocurrency is faster than the traditional currency. It is also cheaper and safer. The faster transaction speed makes people interested in using cryptocurrency. 

The currency is accepted globally and does not need any intermediaries for international transactions, making the transaction speed faster. Also, the value is equal in all countries, which makes it the best option for international transactions. People involved in global trade benefit from the global acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

Valued as a digital asset

Cryptocurrencies are valued as digital assets. The currency is a valuable asset to the blockchain network as it has the potential as a medium of exchange and can be used as a store of value. Its recognition as an asset makes people interested in cryptocurrencies, and that is why people are excited now more than ever and willing to invest in it.


Many banks are now collaborating with existing cryptocurrencies or trying to create their own cryptocurrencies. You yourself might have some friends who are using bitcoin faucets like moon bitcoin cash to earn bitcoin. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is only rising, and the future of it only looks promising.

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