Methods On How To Transfer Emails From Gmail To Outlook 2016

Are you searching for an answer to the query “How To Transfer Emails From Gmail To Outlook“? or Export Gmail to Outlook. Here you will get it. This is the more basic cause that many Gmail users desire to wander their Gmail account facts to a pc-type email consumer. 

In these, you can identify a total content on how to transfer Emails From Gmail To Outlook 2016. Few circumstances in which a customer views an emulsion mainly to transfer emails from Gmail to Microsoft Outlook.

Export Gmail to Outlook – Gmail Backup Tool

  • In case a customer needs to integrate Gmail facts into one more account:
    In an outline, as this building, a PST folder of Gmail data & compose it to the Outlook account would integrate the Gmail’s data into the up to the minute account.
  • When a corporation is wandering to Outlook & stoping Gmail assistances:
    The best choice remaining is to grasp a backup of every Gmail fact and move it into Microsoft thinking, so there are not many options for data dropping.

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Workarounds on How To Transfer Emails From Gmail to Outlook 2016

In these, there are plenty of procedures to transport Gmail emails to Microsoft view look. The solutions here are shown in-depth. So, it is important to observe the procedure correctly to indulge in mistakes. Primarily, let us have a view at the laboring method that may help to transfer Gmail files to Outlook.

Manual Procedures to Transfer Gmail Emails to Outlook The layout procedure for planning up Gmail account into Outlook manually is as given below:

A) In Gmail 

  • After logging in to your Gmail then select the gear icon in the ‘Settings‘.
  • Then move to ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP‘ >> ‘IMAP Access‘ and choose ‘Enable IMAP’ as shown in the image below.
How To Transfer Emails From Gmail To Outlook
  • Then you need to press ‘Save Changes‘.

B) In Outlook 

  1. After opening Outlook, move to File & choose Add Account.
  2. There will be a display of Auto Account Setup, All you have to do is enter your name, Gmail id, password properly  & press Next.
  3. After all is done, press on Finish. The Gmail data would be normally accompanied and the customers will be allowed to enter or open their Gmail mailbox facts in your Outlook type of account.
  4. Then repeatedly move to the File option and select Open & Export >> Import/Export.
  5. Choose ‘Transfer nothing but called export to a File‘ & press the Next button on the screen.
  6. Choose Outlook Data File (*.pst), press Next.
  7. Also, choose an account by filling the details given and examining subfolders to create and guarantee in which every fact is transferred.
  8. Select the end way to stock the PST folder.

Why Transferring Gmail Emails To Outlook Is Indecisive?

  • A consumer is needed to have a digital understanding of implementing the steps.
  • For exhibiting the procedure it is required to download Microsoft Outlook.
  • The exhibiting of a procedure needs to be done many times.
  • The major fear of data dropping and double-dealing.
  • The procedure interacted above contains a lot of sub-procedures that if not accompanied carefully and hence there will be lost in the data.

One of the Best Method To Export Gmail To Outlook

As all of you are aware that MS Outlook stores its data in the PST folder format. Hence if we transfer our Gmail data into the PST folder format then we can simply import that folder into Outlook as per ours need.

Are you aware of how to transfer Gmail emails in PST? The simple & guaranteed method is to transfer outlook Gmail email to Outlook is by installing the Gmail backup tool to build a backup in the PST folder format. 

5 procedure To Transfer Email From Gmail To Outlook:

  1. Install & begin “Gmail Backup Software”.
  2. Enter into Gmail Account by “Gmail credentials”.
  3. Besides, Choose the stream in digital called “Category” & select or press the “Outlook PST” folder.
  4. Select the “Destination Location” to transfer facts. 
  5. In the end, press “Export” to begin the backup operation.

The Intricate Method To Solve The Transfer Steps Are:

  • Initially, install the Google mail Backup or to be called past fact Tool to transfer emails from Google mail to interpret. 
  • Choose the maildrop thing that you need to transfer & select PST email files. 
  • After choosing the endpoint & seeking filters. Press on Start.
  • Finally, you would get an overall backup of Gmail fact in the PST file. 
Final Words.

Firstly, you should have got a clear format of the allowed procedure to transfer Gmail emails to Outlook 2016 or Export Gmail to Outlook. Secondly, this fully rests on you which one to choose by viewing your selectability. But the simple & reliable one is the Automated method for transferring Google mail to Outlook. Also, Google is giving competition to Outlook by launching its dark mode feature and many other frequent updates. Hence this content gives you in detail How To Transfer Emails From Gmail To Outlook 2016. 

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